Staff Picks: Cara’s Favorite Promotional Products

Working in the promotional products industry, we come across many companies and organizations that are looking for new items to promote their brand.

Being exposed to a lot of different products we tend to use a lot of them in everyday life. Here are some of my favorite promotional products that I use on a daily basis:

Poly-Clear Gripper Bottle – I must have water with me at all times and this bottle is the perfect size to carry around wherever I may be. This bottle is a great promotional item to hand out to new clients for a gym or for employees to make sure they are hydrated all day long.

water-bottleLip Balm & Hand Sanitizers – You will always find me with some type of a lip balm with SPF or small bottle of hand sanitizer. Whether it’s in my desk drawer, in my bag, in my jacket or in my car, you will find both. These little items are an awesome giveaway at health fairs or trade shows to get your brand out there to the masses, and people will love them!

Grocery Tote Bags – I have quite a few of these in my car to use when I go shopping instead of using plastic bags. It’s a great way for stores to get their company name out there in public.tote-bag

Microfiber Cloths – Another one of my favorite items! I have one in my car, in my bag, in my desk drawer, etc. I use them to clean my glasses, sunglasses and my iPhone screen when it gets fingerprints on it. These cloths can be done in full color digital imprint, and they offer a really awesome way for a company like a tech business or eyeglass store to get their branding noticed.

Ceramic Wayside Tumbler – This is by far my favorite travel mug. I love drinking my coffee or tea from this ceramic mug with a lid, and I always use this mug in my car. It’s a good item for coffee shops or bakeries to brand their business.

Prodir Pens – I love my Prodir Pens! I use them every day. This pen feels and writes so beautifully that I make sure that I have one on me at all times. They last an incredibly long time too. Any business that has employees that enjoy using a great pen should definitely consider purchasing these pens; you won’t regret it!promotional-pens

Looking for new ways to promote your business? Give Motivators a call, and make some of my favorites your company’s favorites too!


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