3 Reasons Your Advertising Isn’t Working

There are many reasons that your advertising might not be working. Many times, when we take a step back from what we are used to, we realize that we are simply putting out ads instead of building a brand. Branding is key when you want to engage customers, maintain customers, and gain new customers. Three main reasons your advertising isn’t working are due to lack of consistency, lack of frequency, and lack of diversity.

Lack of Consistency

In order to create a brand, you must be consistent. Your messages across all mediums must match, and consumers should feel that brand consistency no matter where you are promoting yourself. If in one place you use funny ads that are in the color blue and revolve around a dog, and in another place you use lifestyle ads that are serious and in the color red, people might not even connect the two together. Being consistent is key and keeps your brand memorable and easily identifiable.

 Lack of Frequency

If your branding lacks frequency, people will likely forget about you. One really important aspect of creating and maintaining a brand image is making sure that you are advertising frequently. “Out of sight, out of mind” isn’t a popular saying for no reason! Adding frequency to your consistency has you on your way to a memorable brand! Are we there yet?

 Lack of Diversity

We all know that people get bored. If you have the same commercial playing on all channels over and over again, people will ignore you. That is why it is so important to be diverse. Diversity comes in the way you choose to expose your brand to your consumer base. For example: combining a TV commercial with an ad spot on your local radio station should be parlayed with promotional items that share the same message. Getting your brand out there and in the homes of your consumers is extremely important. That message will really stick in the tangible form of something they can keep!Brand start up: Machines building brand-word.

So there you have it; those are three ways to build your brand and make sure that you advertising IS working!


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