Family Reunion Giveaways

Updated September, 2018

The summer is here, and it’s time to get outside with friends and family! It’s Family reunion season. What a great time to reconnect with aunts and uncles you haven’t seen in a while. New babies and beautiful weather… It’s a great time of year.

What better way to remember this special occasion than mementos that you can take home and keep for years to come.Family-Reunion

Here are a few family reunion giveaways you can customize this summer for your family:

Obviously t-shirts are great. They offer so many different types of colors and imprint locations so you can really get creative. Plus, no one throws away a t-shirt. They will keep it for years and years to commemorate this special occasion.

How about a fanny pack? Yes, a fanny pack! Those things that you thought your parents were huge nerds wearing on vacation when you were a kid have actually come back in style! They’re also very useful. Who wants their pants falling down from heavy pockets or to have to to lug around a huge purse when you can carry your valuables in a pouch commemorating your 2018 family reunion?

Promotional-KOOZIE-Trapezoid-Kooler-BagFinally, a cooler bag is another great item to customize for family reunions. These will be with you FOREVER and they’re so useful. Every time you go on a picnic or a BBQ or a ball game, you’ll see the bring imprint of the ’18 family reunion when grandma got to hold her 10th grandchild or it rained and everyone had to run for cover. What a great memory!



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