How to Make Your Employees Happy This Summer

I would think a lot of people would agree with me when I say that summer is my favorite season. The warmer weather gives people “summer fever” and the need to be outside enjoying the long sunny days. It can make your days at work a little bit harder knowing that it is so nice outside.

This is the time of year that employers can make their employees happy by showing them their appreciation. To make the most of those vacation days and weekends, here are some things you can do to make your employees happy:

  • Have a company picnic. Nothing is better than having your work family enjoy some quality time outside of the office. Having a company picnic builds up employee morale, and there is a lot of fun to be had at picnics. You can brand everything from t-shirts to cups with your company name. Your employees are sure to be happy!
  • Offer summer hours. Perhaps on a Friday allow employees to leave slightly early so they can get an early start on their weekends. Giving them even just the smallest amount of time “off” in the summers can really help lighten the mood and even increase productivity. After all, happy employees are efficient employees.
  • Host an “ice cream day.” Plan a day where you can have all sorts of ice creams and toppings setup so your employees can create their own ice cream sundae. This is sure to be a hit on those hot summer days! You can also hand out ice cream scoops with your company name imprinted on them.

It is always nice to be appreciated for the hard work you do. Employers can easily make this happen for their dedicated employees. Even if means just handing out beach bags with your company name on them, it will make them enjoy the summer even more!happy-employees

Give Motivators a call, and we will help you with some great ideas to make your employees happy this summer.


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