Kid-Friendly Giveaways

As a dad of three, I can tell you the best way to get my attention these days is through my kids. We have a lot of great promotional items for kids.

My favorite kid-friendly giveaways are custom branded crayons. My kids get these at restaurants all the time. My kids and I get these and we go to town waiting for our food to come. They have a great imprint area to promote your brand or maybe an upcoming event in the area. We have also received branded crayons at a few festivals we have been to, and it is a great way to take a break from the day’s events and regroup. They always get brought home and used at a later date. Custom crayons are a great way to reminisce about the day.custom-crayones

Frisbees are another great item. They offer a huge imprint area, and they even double as a plate in a pinch. I am a huge fan of Frisbee, and I consider myself pretty good but my wife has no interest so I am trying to groom my kids to be the next ultimate Frisbee players. One of my favorites we have is the 9” recycled flyer. It is a great weight so it flies well, and it spurs a little conversation about recycling.

Balloons are great for any company, industry or event. A balloon is a kid magnet! My kids see them from across the common or parking lot of any outdoor event we are at, and that is the first stop we have to make. And if it ends up getting loose… man oh man… it could spoil the whole day! So I keep a tight grip on that thing, and get an extra one just in case. Branded balloons always come home with the kids, and it is fun to see how long they can last. We once had a mylar heart balloon from a valentine’s day party that lasted three months!!

Sand pails and shovels are always great giveaways for kids. One of my favorites is the beach bucket. Our town handed these out at the beginning of the summer during one of those “town days” to promote a new town beach that they had done a huge renovation to in the spring.

And last but not least… plush toys. Of course plush toys are always a kid-favorite the way they pull at your heartstrings. Our local library is doing a summer reading program: you log in your books when you read them, and after so many you get to pick a prize. My kids go to the library once a week, and each week they get to pick a prize. This week all three came home with a long armed friend. They are a really cute and have the library logo on the t-shirt.  My kids are getting a kick out of how many things they can have it hang from.long-arm-friend


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