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World Breastfeeding Week is near and dear to me. It takes place in the month of August. As a mother of two, I can recall my time nursing and all that came with it. It is a full-time job that is both a struggle and

Both Mom and Baby benefit from breastfeeding. For Baby it means being healthy: lower risk of SIDS, fewer problems with weight, lower risk of cancer, increased immunity, and (of course) bonding with Mom. For mothers it is also beneficial! It helps Mom lose weight, heal better post delivery, save money, keep the period away, and it is convenient.

But as I said, breastfeeding can also be a struggle and an extremely eye-opening experience. A few things I would recommend to have on hand are as follows:

  1. Breast Feeding Pamphlets. Every doctor/lactation consultant should give these out. No first-time mom knows what she is doing. Having something at your fingertips that highlights issues as well as common problems and concerns is extremely helpful.breastfeeding-pamphlet
  1. Heat Packs. Heat helps with milk flow and can also help with clogged ducts (which are so painful). I think a custom-imprinted heat pack from the hospital should be in every take-home bag for moms.heat-packs
  1. Blankets. A blanket for Mom and Baby is a must to wrap around Mom’s shoulders or to cover the baby while hanging out. A blanket with the baby’s name printed on it would make it even more special.custom-blanket

While breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, it can be a great experience if you are prepared. Hopefully this list of products for World Breastfeeding Week will help!

World Breastfeeding Week
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), PO Box 1200, 10850 Penang,Malaysia,
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