3 Unique Ways to Promote Your Brand This Summer

Summer is the ideal time of year to promote your business. The weather is enjoyable; people are outdoors more and tend to want to partake in more events than other seasons. Depending on your type of business, there are many different ways to promote your business during the summer months.Summer

Here are three events that can help you promote your brand this summer:

Fundraisers – A good way to get your company name out to the public is to take part in a fundraiser. You can give away t-shirts, tumblers and other items for a donation. You can let the public know that the money they spend will be used for a donation to your favorite charity.

Concerts – Have a product that you want to get noticed? Perhaps your company can sponsor a concert event and put your company name on some of merchandise that is being sold. It is a great way to get the public to remember your company when you are advertised on souvenirs such as lapel pins, coffee mugs and beach towels.

Picnics – Have a company picnic. Nothing boosts employee morale like getting everyone together to enjoy the nice weather, some good food and activities. You can give out t-shirts, Frisbees and other gifts branded with your company name. Your employees and their families will be sure to use these gifts in the future, and your company will still get noticed after the picnic is long over.


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