How to Do College Orientation the Right Way

College orientation can be extremely nerve-racking for incoming freshman. They don’t know what to expect, who to talk to, where to go and who to ask what. They have come to a new place, with new faces and high expectations of an amazing four years that will probably be the best years of their

Orientation is the place where it all begins. It is the chance for the school to introduce themselves to the incoming students and set the tone for the next four years. Not only is it important for the school to have the right people leading orientation, but they also must give out the right swag! I remember being a college freshman, and I couldn’t get enough of the University of Miami gear. I loved every bag, t-shirt, pen and baseball cap that they gave me.

If you are a college or university buying promotional items for college orientation, here are my top choices for the best giveaways:

Drawstring Backpacks

These are great because students will use them. Whether they are headed to class, going to the grocery store or just walking around campus, college students are always wearing drawstring backpacks. Make sure to get one that has reinforced corners so that they can hold some weight. Students might use them with textbooks, so they must be extra sturdy!


There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the rain without an umbrella while you are trying to make it to class on time. Travel umbrellas are going to come in handy across all colleges and universities. I know that was definitely the case for me in Miami. I loved my UM green and orange umbrella. It saved me more times than I can count!

Planner Notebooks

During college orientation, there is a ton of information to take in. It is extremely helpful to give each incoming freshman a brand new planner notebook. Consider adding a full color insert page to the beginning of the notebook with important contact numbers, a map of the school, directory of professors and other vital information for a new student. Even better would be to include a note on specific dates of importance like holidays, football games, sorority and fraternity rush, and cookouts!


All colleges and universities should make t-shirts to commemorate freshman orientation. First of all, it lets people easily identify the incoming freshman. Team leaders for orientation should be in one color, and freshman in another. Likewise, they make awesome keepsakes for years to come. We get so many shirts for so many events and occasions, but there is nothing like freshman year of college!

So, that’s how to do college orientation the right way! Let us know how we can help you make your freshman orientation on trend and in style. Go Canes!



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