Must-Have Branded Items for Restaurants

There are over 630,000 restaurants in the United States, and that number reaches passed 1 million if you include fast food and franchise businesses according to That is a LOT of restaurants, and there are at least half hour waits every time I go out to eat somewhere. Coincidence that they are always packed when I go out? I think not!

With so many operating and busy restaurants, it’s safe to say that they are doing something right. Maybe it’s their name, service or ratings. Or it could be how they market themselves and how much they care about their branding. So with that said, let me introduce the branded items your restaurant must have:


What is the first thing you see on the table when you walk into a restaurant? If you said napkins and utensils, you are correct! Napkins are one of the least expensive items you can decorate and one of the overused items in a restaurant. With so many options on size and thickness, you can’t go wrong!Branded-Napkin


How else would you know what to eat if you didn’t have a menu to show you what was offered? Every restaurant has a menu. And how you want to present your menu is all up to you. One time I had gone to a Mexican restaurant in NYC that brought me their menus in a large circular tray. It was the coolest and most unique thing I had seen at the time. Of course this wouldn’t work for take-out customers, so they’d also have to have paper printed menus.


All my friends and relatives that have come to visit me from abroad always talk about the large portions of food that are served in American restaurants. We do like to doggy bag the remainder of our food because we can’t eat it all. And all restaurants always have containers ready to get the food packed up. What better way to show your brand than by branding the bags that everyone takes home and reuses! These are also useful for take-out customers.


We offer many types of glasses that can be branded. My favorites are the ones that change color. Our mood-changing cups are available in shot glasses, stadium cups, steins, tumblers and much more. Attracting customers is the goal here, and these definitely get the attention of any age.Branded-Glasses


Why not put your brand on a coaster and place one under each drink? Everyone orders a drink and would love to not get the table wet. Happy customers, happy restaurant!

Coloring Books & Crayons:

This combo goes a long way. It’s the #1 item restaurants have for keeping kids busy. Why not put your name on these and send them home with your customers?Branded-Coloring-Book-Crayons

The list of branded items that are perfect for restaurants could go on and on, but give these few products a look. You’re off to a great start!


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