Promotional Products for Community Sports

Three strikes, and you’re OUT!!! …but everyone wins. Promotional products are an everyday item with community sports. Depending on the sport, when you show up the first day you will receive a shirt or a hat or both to show team unity. I remember my first days of little league and getting my team hat. They were mesh trucker hats back then, but I would wear that thing 24/7 around town to let everyone know what team I played for. Shirts and hats come in all shapes and sizes so they are good for everyone.

As my children are getting older and starting to play sports, I am seeing things from a different perspective. We received our first box of custom imprinted candy bars to sell as a fundraisers, and my first day as an adult at a youth soccer game I received a foam finger to show my team pride at the games. These are just some of the many ways you can use promotional products for community


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