Staff Picks: The 5 Promotional Products I Cannot Live Without

Working in the promotional products industry I have had the opportunity to test many products. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. The smartphone armband is currently on my top list this summer. I love that I can slip my phone in and (yes it will fit most phones) go for my weekly run/workout. This is also great for bicycling. They hold well and have great support. The phone is easily accessible when needed for touchscreen or headphones.smartphone armband
  2. My second-favorite item is a big must for the summer season or if you plan on going away anywhere near water. The waterproof carrying case is by far one of the most useful promotional products I have seen. Since not all phones are waterproof, this makes it easier to keep your phone dry and with you at all times. Also these are a plus when heading to the beach – keep your phone away from the sand but still have it be easily accessible.
  3. The smart phone tablet stand is one of those promotional items I didn’t know I needed until I had one. I am not a big fan of having one of those bulky cell phone cases with the stand in the back so I tried this tablet stand, and I love it. Being a mom of two – I don’t have time to watch tv (accept cartoons) so the phone is my go to for catching up on my missed shows. And with the stand, this helps me watch hands free while I cook or fold laundry.
  4. My theory to staying hydrated all day is to keep one of my favorite insulated tumblers constantly in my face. I can’t live without my tumbler – so easy to clean and fill up when I need to meet my quota for the day. The insulation helps avoid that “sweat” and keeps my hands dry. They come in various sizes, but I like the 16oz best.tumbler
  5. And last but not least, for those cold winter blues, I love my Aura Vacuum tumbler! After water, my next go-to is a great cup of hot tea, but with a busy schedule it always ends up being a cup of cold tea. This tumbler holds liquids hot up to eight times longer than regular tumblers. Based on my usage – I think the longest I held on to my hot tea was about seven-eight hours. Spill proof is also a big thing for me, and I have to say this one passed the test.

I can’t imagine not having these products in my life. These small things really make a difference. Have any of your own favorite promos? Let me know!


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