Vacations are great. I actually just returned from a much-needed vacation. There are five items that I truly couldn’t travel without. Some of them seem so small and inconsequential until that moment when you are happy that you actually packed it.

For instance, when I was getting ready to leave for the pool I caught my drawstring bag on something, and it ripped. I pulled out my sewing kit and was able to sew the bag back together and go for that swim. My mother would have been so proud 🙂sewing-kit

Invariably when you go on vacation your smart phone, tablet or e-reader runs out of power. I never go away without a power bank. I particularly like the dual power banks so that I can charge 2 devices or let someone else charge their phone at the same time.power-bank

When traveling I am a huge fan of antibacterial hand spray. I always have one in or clipped to the outside of my bag for easy access. Ok, so maybe I am a germaphobe, but when traveling on a plane I spray everything: seat belt, tray table, arm rests etc. I find by doing this I no longer return home sick.antibacterial-spray

Lip balm is essential. I just can’t leave home without it. My lips are always chapped. Order it with sunscreen and you are well protected from the sun too.lip-balm

My new favorite item is the cooling towel. I bought one for everyone that I was traveling with, and on that 92-degree day I became everyone’s best friend. It keeps you cool on even the hottest of days.cooling-towel

I hope you have a vacation coming up soon. Don’t forget to pack these five items in your carryon. Need more travel-related ideas? Give a promotional products consultant a call today. Happy travels!


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