It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Custom Calendars

Believe it or not it is already calendar season! Right now is the best time to order custom calendars, before the very end of the year. Even though we all have smartphones and email reminders, having a physical calendar that you can also write on is a huge help. Personally I have one at work and two in my house (school and home needs). Everyone uses a different style calendar that suits them best, which is why Motivators offers a variety of styles.calendar

Wall Calendars: This is the style I prefer the most. There is enough space to write notes and keep track of my schedule. I love the different image each month and that I can always flip back to see old information. I even have a fully customized wall calendar at home where I was able to choose 13 images.

Desk Calendars: These are great to give out to receptionists or coworkers that are always at their desk. My friends love these because they can also doodle on the sides while keeping their appointments organized. They also love that at the end of the month there is a fresh sheet to start with.

Planners: To this day my Mom carries a pocket planner, and it always comes in handy. In case she does forget her phone she always has a backup way to look at her appointments and contacts. I use a planner at my desk as well to keep track of my team’s schedules.

Magnetic/Wallet Calendars: Who doesn’t have some sort of magnetic calendar? You can even use this for school or sporting schedules. A magnetic calendar is great for a quick glance. The wallet cards are also very useful; on one side you can have a calendar, and on the other side a list of Holidays, tip chart, poker chart, or any additional information people should have on hand.

Tear-off Calendars: Looking for something new to look at every day? Then a tear-off calendar is for you. Tear off calendars are great for different images day-to-day / month-to-month. You are also able to customize the top shape of the calendar that fits your purposes (animals, cars, shapes).

Regardless of your preference, everyone needs a calendar! Custom calendars make a great gift or handout that lasts all year long!


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