Promotional Products I Use Every Day 

It’s amazing how many promotional products I use every single day. At any point during my day I can look at what I’m doing and see a promotional product in sight. Let me take you through my day.

5:00 am – I wake up and go downstairs to do my workout with my promotional workout bands. I received these two years ago at a trade show from a fitness manufacturer, and I have seen their name almost every day since!

6:30 am – I go upstairs and have my shake with my promotional shaker. This item was given to me when I signed up for my previous gym membership, and although I no longer go, they will be on my mind if I decide to sign up again.

7:45 am – Now I’m off to work with my promotional coffee tumbler. It keeps my coffee hot for hours, and anyone that gets in my car can see I’m a NY Mets fan. I received it at one of their many giveaways.

1:00 pm – I run out to grab lunch and sign my credit card receipt with a promotional pen that my car insurance salesman gave me. I received it three years ago!

5:30 pm – Time to go home and feed my baby. Even the baby’s spoon was given out at a baby store with a purchase of a specific brand of baby food.

8:00 pm – Time to relax. I grab a t-shirt from my drawer, and it’s from a fundraiser we did at Jones Beach in 2010… Yes six years ago, and I still have this shirt that reminds me of that day.

As you can see promotional items are more involved in your life than you realize almost every moment of your day. So next time you want to do some advertising, first think about what you use and see daily and perhaps base your decision on that!Basic CMYK


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