Promotional Products I Use Every Day 

Updated April 22, 2019

I admit it: I use A LOT of promotional products in a single day. And, while I’m admittedly biased towards a rock solid premium, my seemingly endless promotional product use isn’t intentional. But they are welcome additions to my day-to-day.

Our True Wireless Earbuds5:00AM: It all starts bright and early. I wake up and head downstairs for an AM sweat session. Inevitably, I slip in some True Wireless Earbuds that I snagged at a trade show. A well-known fitness manufacturer was handing them out, and I grabbed a pair. Little did I know that, all these months later, I’d be staring at their logo every single day…

6:30AM: Workout over and it’s time to refuel. I pop my go-to shake ingredients into a branded shaker and have at it. Sometimes I think the better workout is getting the cashew milk, protein powder and ice mixed exactly right.

The irony? I got this shaker from the last gym I joined—a gym I haven’t set foot in for months. Even though I like working out at home, I’ve been kicking around joining a studio at some point soon. Just seeing this shaker most mornings is a good reminder—and, chances are, I’ll rejoin there versus trying to find something new.

7:45AM: Off to work and, as always, I have my promotional coffee tumbler filled and in hand. Not only does it keep my coffee hot all morning long, but it proudly declares my allegiance to my very favorite sports team. I got it at a game years ago and it’s as good as new—and it’s hands down my morning must-have.

1:00PM: Lunch! I grab the receipt and whip out a promotional pen from my last car purchase—three years ago. You can never have too many pens. Whenever someone offers up a promotional pen, I always grab it and toss it in my bag.

5:30PM: Time to head home and get dinner on the table. While my family dines, I feed the baby with a branded spoon. I got this one at a family-friendly event a few years ago—we didn’t even have a baby at the time, but I grabbed it anyway. Good thing I did! We use it all the time, especially when we’re out and about.

6:30PM: I didn’t finish my evening glass of vino, so I pour it into a Triple Insulated Wine Tumbler and head out back with the family. While the kids squeeze in a few last minutes of the day, I take those last few sips. Cheers to that!

8:00PM: Bedtime and into my favorite old concert t-shirt—I got it at Jones Beach literally a decade ago. Now I live in it—at least overnight I do. It’s cozy, it’s comfortable and it reminds me of one of my favorite days ever.

With each promotional touch point, I’m engaging and re-engaging with a brand—and if the experience is good, that’s all the more of a reason to buy from you in the future.

As you can see promotional items are more involved in your life than you realize almost every moment of your day. So next time you want to do some advertising, first think about what you use and see daily and perhaps base your decision on that!Basic CMYK


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