Earth Day

Earth Day is one of my favorite days to acknowledge.  The Earth deserves a day to be recognized and celebrated.  But most of all a day for people to appreciate everything the Earth gives us. These are some great Earth Day giveaways and ideas you can use to help celebrate Earth Day!

I believe educating children is the first step in ensuring the Earth is taken care of. Custom imprinted coloring books, stress reliever toys, and goofy pens are some great giveaways to get kids interested in Earth Day.

“Kids Care for a Clean Environment” Coloring Book

 "Kids Care for a Clean Environment" Coloring Book

In our house we allow the kids to help sort the recycling and put the paper, cans, and plastics in bins. They feel helpful and, for now, think it is a game. The kids also love seed packets and plants which allow them to get their hands dirty and involved with an outdoor activity.

Wildflower Mixture Seed Packet 

Wildflower Mixture Seed Packet - Stock Design

There are also day to day things you can do that help the earth:

1. Drink from reusable water bottles-our kids love the bobble bottle.
2. Use reusable bags in the stores, or paper bags that you can recycle.
3. Keep a crank flashlight in the house and car.

We only have one Earth, and it is our responsibly to not only take care of it, but to make sure our children make responsible choices. So enjoy the air, trees, and sunshine…but also take care of it!


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