Easter Giveaways

Easter is one of the most fun holidays to celebrate throughout the year. It’s also a sign that spring is on the way with the sun coming out, warmer weather approaching, and the abundance of flowers and pastel colors.

Easter is the second biggest candy giving holiday coming in a close second to Halloween.  After all, it just wouldn’t be the same without a few chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and peeps! It may be known for its crazy candy consumption, but the best part of Easter has everything to do with the eggs.  Whether you dye your own or find new ones on a scavenger hunt, Easter is never complete without a little egg action. Americans buy more than 90 million eggs annually to dye or eat for Easter.

Some of the best ways to have your company get recognized is with a really fun item for the holidays. Take a look at some of these great branded items below.

Foam Bunny Ears

These adorable Custom Imprinted Bunny Ears are a fun way to get noticed. Recipients of these funny bunny ears will wear them with pride and your business will hop right towards success. Use them in the classroom or for any other promotional need.

Foam Bunny Ears

“Chocolate Easter Bunny” Stress Reliever

This custom item may look like chocolate but it’s actually more beneficial. This product provides stress relief with just a simple squeeze. Plus, this looks great in any Easter basket.


 "Chocolate Easter Bunny" Stress Reliever

Small Mug Drop with Imprinted Chocolate Buttons

These Custom Imprinted Small Mug Drop with Imprinted Chocolate Buttons would be a great addition to your next mug promotion. Simply personalize them and add them to your personalized mugs as well. Really build your next promotion around these delicious treats and you’ll be bound to raise your brand recognition. No one will be able to deny the amazing taste of these Custom Imprinted Small Mug Drop with Imprinted Chocolate Buttons.

 Small Mug Drop with Imprinted Chocolate Buttons

These are just some of the great Easter giveaways you can find at Motivators!  Hand these out to really make Easter even more special this time around.



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