Go Green at Trade Shows

When working a booth at a trade show, where there could be hundreds of different companies and booths, the best way to get noticed as a company is to have branded apparel.   Whether you go with a polo or organic t-shirt, it is important to have consistency among the team members that represent your company. If each person is wearing the same blue shirt, it makes it very easy for a client to differentiate a member of your team from another client that might be in the booth at the same time. They will immediately know who to direct any questions to and you look awesome while wearing it.

The Anvil Organic Cotton Tee is a fan favorite because it’s soft and 100% organic. You are sure to make heads turn wearing this shirt in a color like Green Apple. Wearing an organic shirt is an added bonus, and allows you to promote a cause while wearing your brand.

Anvil Organic Cotton Tee


Trade show giveaways are a really important aspect of a booth. People passing by aren’t going to stop at every single booth (mostly because there just isn’t enough time!).   So you have to give them a reason to make yours worth stopping for.  In sticking with our Eco-Friendly theme, there are a ton of different items to choose from.  I, personally, like to go with kitchen products because they are universal and generally used by all. Some favorites are the Retread Jar Openers, Bamboo Blossom kits, or even the seed paper.  When you choose an item that is different and universal in use, more often than not, will compel people to stop at your booth.

Bamboo Blossom Kit


Overall, it is nice to have a theme with your booth and especially one that shows social responsibility. Here at Motivators we have thousands of Eco-Friendly items for your next trade show. So don’t hesitate and go green! Just give us a call! We are happy to help!



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