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Spring has sprung in some areas or it is just around the corner and that means it is time to hit the Greens.  If you can’t get to the greens, the driving range will get you ready for your next Golf outing.  Golf outings are a great opportunity to get some great promotional items to help get brand awareness.  Here, I detail some of my favorite and essential golf outing gifts and giveaways.

Golf towels are some of the best items that I have received over the years.  They have a great imprint area.  My favorite is our Microfiber Golf Towel with Metal Grommet and Clip, Item Number 88206. You’re bound to see more than one clipped to a golfer’s bag showcasing the accomplishments from past events they have attended.

 Microfiber Golf Towel with Metal Grommet and Cli

Many times, I’m pressed for time when I head out the door and my check list seems to get smaller and smaller.  Clubs, shoes, wallet.. okay, I assume I’m good to go.  The reality is, I always seem to forget something. It’s not until the 3rd or 4th hole where I realize that I’ve forgotten some of the essentials needed for a day out on the course.  Whether it’s sunblock, an occasional wet-wipe or a bandage I may need.  Luckily, I never forget my Golfer’s Kit, Item Number 17769.  I highly recommend this item, its use is invaluable.

Golfer's KitAnother great item is my Slazenger® Turf Poker Chip Ball Marker, Item  Number 137242. It has gotten me more attention on the putting green than my putting skills. It’s another great item for imprinting and to set you apart from the other gifts.

Slazenger® Turf Poker Chip Ball MarkerWhat is a golf outing without an award! This isn’t for your regular recreational league, this award is for those serious, competitive players. So when it comes to bragging rights at the clubhouse, make sure you get a couple Small Golf Tangent Awards, Item Number 34169 for the event. Even if it’s for the worst shot, it’s still a trophy to tote around. These are some of my recommended golf outing gifts and giveaways I think will go over really well at your next event. Check out some of our other top-shot golf outing gifts and giveaways and let me know what you think are the essential golf items to give out!

 Small Golf Tangent Awards


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