Hot New Tech Items

*Updated December 2018

Many people are on the lookout for the latest and greatest in tech items. These are items that we use on a daily basis that can make our lives easier in many ways. Why not use these items to promote your company or maybe as a “thank you” to employees or clients who have made your business a success?

Here are some new tech items that I find useful and believe are great ideas to promote your business!

    1. Platinum Power Phone Accessory Kit
      Compatible with most iPhones and iPads, this kit has everything you need to power on-the-go. Inside the sleek case, you’ll find a twister lightening cable, micro USB, car charger, wall charger and ear buds. Imprint the three charging pieces as well as the case for a power-full promotion ideal for car dealerships, travel agencies and more!platinum power phone accessory kit
    2. Nuckees Phone Grip
      Phone grips are some of the hottest and most affordable tech items of the year. Not only are the ultimate selfie-perfecters, but also double as a media stand for video chat or creating how-to videos as well as a texting grip. It’s an ideal giveaway for any tech company as well as businesses attending trade shows. Don’t miss out on the Nuckees craze right now – get a grip! Read more about Nuckees here.Nuckees Phone Grip
    3. Light Up Logo Bluetooth Earbuds
      Illuminate your brand with these bluetooth earbuds everyone will appreciate. Allow your customers to switch effortlessly between listening to music and talking on the phone while showing off your brand for all to see. Great for travel, workouts or just everyday errands, these earbuds are sure to be a crowd pleaser.light-up bluetooth ear buds
    4. Marble Pattern Bluetooth Speaker
      Next in the world of bluetooth comes this beautiful marble-patterned speaker.  With up to 30 feet of wireless connectivity, it’s perfect for home, work or  travel. Choose this sleek, sophisticated, high-tech item – gift box included – for all of your top execs!marble pattern bluetooth speaker
    5. Two Tone Wireless Charging Pad
      Get two-three hours of wireless charging time for your mobile device with this elegant, Qi-enabled charger. The large imprint area ensures your brand will be seen and appreciated for such a useful gift. With auto-device recognition, LED indicator and USB cord included, you have everything you need for quick and easy charging.two-tone wireless charging pad
    6. Peeky Web Cam Cover
      With all of this technology, we sometimes forget the very real security threat involved. That’s what makes a webcam cover such a terrific giveaway. Their small and inexpensive, so they’re great to hand out at trade shows or even in mailings. This cover slides for easy access to the webcam when needed. Customers will appreciate how simple yet necessary this item is and know exactly who to thank as they face your logo each time they sit down to the computer.peeky webcam cover

There you have it… just some of the hot, new tech items that will go a long way in helping promote and build your brand’s awareness! Be sure to add these items to your must-have list for this year!


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