New Summer Drinkware

Dad!!!  It’s hot… I’m thirsty can I have a drink!!

This is a popular comment around my house in the summertime.  It’s usually screamed from the backyard.  This year I am ready for them.  We have some new summer drinkware that is sure to please my kids and I’m sure everyone else who reads this as well!

One of my favorites is the vortex tumbler; it is 24 ounces and has a straw to insure they are hydrating themselves and not their clothes.

Vortex Tumbler

The Nalgene Grip’n Gulp is a great item for each kid to have. This is a great size and means you don’t have to run to the bathroom a million times.  There is no disputing whose is whose with the many colors and zero complaints that one has had more than the other.

Nalgene Grip'n Gulp Tritan Nalgene Bottle - 12 oz.

For those days when the whole neighborhood comes over to play or for that cool summer family night, this Coleman 1 Gallon Jug is the one piece of drinkware you’ll need!

Coleman Gallon Jug

Sometimes happy kids come from happy adults!  Here is a crowd favorite, The Game Day Mason Jar is perfect for that summertime cocktail at the barbecue or block party.  It is shatter, stain and odor resistant.

Mason Jar

These are some of New Summer Drinkware options you can consider for this time of the year!  But visit for countless more new options for you to choose from!


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