Fidget Fun Spinner-The Hottest Promo Out

This latest trend to hit the promotional market, a small handheld wheel that spins aka “Fidget Spinner” is without a doubt the hottest promotional item out now.  The idea behind them is to provide relief in tense situations.

Fun Fidget Spinner

Although fidget spinners are the fun new toy for everyone to play with, these were designed to help someone with ADD, ADHD, autism, and anxiety. They are also a great relief for pencil chewers, nail biters, and concentration. The fidget spinner is very easy to use; by holding the middle of the fidget spinner between your thumb and index finger, push off on the blade and let it spin!  With how quick this trend picked up – these are now available in different colors, styles, and shapes.

Promo Light-Up Spinner

They make great giveaways at trade shows, company events, schools, and just about any other event since the target audience varies from children to adults. For children, these make a great gift since it gets them away from their ipads, computers, and video games.

The fidget hand spinner will be valued by anyone who has ever felt tense, nervous or needed a way to release that high energy without being too loud. Get on that fidget spinner bandwagon before the next trend pops up!


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