National Family Reunion Month: Games, Gifts, and Fun Ideas

Updated June, 2019

Summertime is here and the the kids are out of school, the weather is great, and many people are taking vacations everywhere.  It’s because of these characteristics that July is officially known as National Family Reunion month. Go ahead, plan an epic family reunion. Chances are, your relatives are already planning a getaway or two—why not have those getaways end in you and your crew getting together. It’s a win/win, and a great way to make a lifetime of memories right now.

And if you can’t get everyone together this July? Consider it a pre-game to the serious action in 2020. Rally the locals, snap tons of pics, come up with a clever hashtag (#RichtersReunite, anyone?) and tag relatives who couldn’t join in the fun…this time. 

With every tag, remind your extended crew that next year all bets are off—because next year the entire family is getting together in July. With a 12-month warning, there’s no reason you can’t get everyone to a common meeting ground, and enjoy an incredible family reunion you’ll never forget. 

Family Reunion Gifts and Favors

And once you’ve got your date locked down—for this year or, even, next? Focus on creating a memorable take away—a family reunion gift or family reunion souvenir you can distribute as family arrives. Our picks?


Love being part of this family? Show it! Branded apparel is, hands down, the most popular family reunion gift—t-shirts, specifically. Get one with your name and reunion call out, the date and location and encourage everyone to wear there’s for THE family photo to end all family photos. 

Customer printed T-Shirts are a big giveaway at family reunions. Having everyone in the same color shirts helps uniform everyone and make them feel like they belong. It is also a great item that can be used over and over and remember the special day. Other popular giveaways include water bottles, caps, and bags for everyone to use that day or take home.

Gildan Adult UltraCotton Tee - Fashion Colors


Also popular? Bags—literally any kind of bag as a family reunion gift. We’re loving family fanny packs which are super on-trend at the moment. Cooler bags are also cool (pun intended) and give relatives something they’ll use over and over during and after the event. Same goes for totes and backpacks—they’re always useful and always in-demand. 


Family reunions are fun—so why not keep the fun going with a branded game? Whether it’s a board game, cards or something to play in-transit, your branded family reunion game will be a great reminder of a great time whenever they play. Organized games, story sharing and, of course, great food are all part of any get-together. It would be fun to have everyone bring along a family favorite recipe for either a main meal or dessert so everyone can enjoy and reminisce about Grandma’s spice cake.

Mini Bag Toss Game

Quick-hit Gifts—all things UNDER $5

Sunglasses, tumblers, wristbands, notebooks, frisbees, water bottles—there are tons of branded promotional products under the $5 mark, and they all make perfect family reunion gifts. 

Especially if your reunion is on the bigger side—or if you want to distribute a serious hospitality bag to guests as they check in at their hotel—getting one or more low-cost premiums is the way to go. Do yourself a favor and order a few extras—these are perfect prizes for impromptu karaoke contests, dance-offs and trivia contests. 

Family Reunion Activity Ideas

Speaking of those off-the-cuff competitions, be sure you have a few fun activities planned for your family. Again, have a few extra branded family reunion gifts on-hand to reward winners—nothing gets those competitive juices flowing like a prize! 

Some activities to integrate into your family reunion agenda? 

Hot Potato Camera

Grab a camera or a smartphone and set a timer for 30 seconds—then start snapping selfies! Each family member snaps a selfie than tosses the phone or camera to someone else who snaps, tosses and the fun continues. When the timer goes off, the most recent selfie is OUT. Bonus: the post-game pics will, no doubt, be hilarious. 


Family Bingo

The time Uncle Brad dropped his car keys in the lake? When you took that crazy family vacation to Disney? Rebecca’s sweet 16? Your best memories—the good, the fun and the just plain hilarious—become bingo squares. The free square is, of course, this reunion, ensuring everyone is well on their way to a win. Memories get called out, people X out their bingo cards and the first person to bingo wins. And, of course, everyone will love reliving the memories. BINGO!


Charades—Family Style

You know you do a killer impression of your Dad—and this game is the perfect chance to show the world…or, at least, your immediate family. Jot down every attendees’ name and let people randomly select someone. Then, in true charades form, relatives take turns acting out their chosen family member. Whoever guesses the most wins—and if you guess yourself first, bonus points! 

Ready to Start Planning Your Family Reunion?

Now is the time to start planning your family reunion. Whether it’s a small get-together this month followed by a generation-spanning blow out next—or, simply, just rallying the cousins for a fun brunch, make this your family reunion month. And when you do, so us! Follow us on social and we’ll share our favorites! 

Family Reunions are growing in increasing popularity with the focus on renewing and strengthening family ties and bonds. Check out for help with giveaways for your next family reunion.


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