Picnic and BBQ Must-Haves

Summertime is alive and kicking.  I enjoy a good day on the lake or a great day at the beach but don’t forget to eat!!  My family and I always bring a picnic lunch to the beach and we try at least once a month to get together with friends and family for a BBQ.  Here is a list and my recommendations for the Picnic and BBQ must-haves we never leave the house without!

When we head to the park for our picnic, an essential part of our sustenance package is the cooler.  My favorite is the Gemline Collapsible Party Cooler! I can’t say enough good things about it… I have 3!  These pack up great, we fill it with sandwiches, snacks, fruit, and a couple juice boxes for the kids. When you are finished they collapse flat to store easy until the next adventure.

Gemline Collapsible Party Cooler

Don’t worry about not having enough to drink when you have the Bubba Keg™ – 128 oz. Kooler! This one can be a chore to bring but it’s worth it. We load this bad boy up to the top with ice and fill with water.  We usually have some left by the end of the day, which usually gets used to do a quick face wash and let everyone feel fresh for the ride home.  It’s great for those BBQ parties you hold throughout the summer; no one will go thirsty!

Bubba Keg™ - 128 oz. Kooler

They say music is the international language and I can’t agree more, plus no picnic or BBQ can do without it!  We have tunes rocking in our house all day long and it doesn’t stop when we head outside to BBQ. The RoxBox Bluetooth Speaker is the bomb.  It’s easy to setup and loud enough for even the neighbors to hear.   I run it via Bluetooth with my phone and never have any problems whether I’m by the grill flipping burgers or playing whiffle-Ball with the kids; I’m never out of range.  If someone at the party has something on their phone they want to hear you can plug them into the audio jack without having to setup the Bluetooth, definitely a crowd-pleaser.

RoxBox Bluetooth Speaker

These are some of the great Picnic and BBQ items I believe are essential to having a fantastic time with friends and family.  I urge you to shop Motivators and explore more of our top Picnic and BBQ must-haves; you’ll surely have a hard time just choosing one!  So shop, explore and find the perfect custom Picnic and BBQ items to enjoy this summer season!


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