The Great Fidget Spinner Debate

Should You Invest in Promotional Fidget Spinners?

What is “the great fidget spinner debate?” you ask. Well, to understand the controversy we should first explain what exactly a fidget spinner is…

Fidget spinners are simply gadgets (about the size of a small drink coaster) with three prongs that meet in the middle where the ball bearing is located. The ball bearing is the mechanism that allows the device to spin. The spinner is placed between two fingers and then flicked with the other fingers; this motion starts the spinning, resulting in an entrancing blur of the propeller-like wings.

You may be wondering why a harmless (or is it?) toy could be causing any kind of debate. First of all, the issue is mostly isolated to kids using these items in school, though it certainly could extend beyond the classroom. Let’s go through the pros and cons:

Why They Love Them

Do you ever click your pen, twirl your hair or tap your foot? Perhaps you play with your clothing or jewelry? These, my friend, are examples of fidgeting. Everyone feels the need to fidget at some point for some reason, but when that need overpowers your ability to focus it can become a problem… Enter fidget spinners.

Fidget spinners and other fidget toys can help people focus by giving them an activity to pour all that fidgety energy into. In fact, there is actual evidence to support this hypothesis. Various studies have found that students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other similar conditions are able to focus better on processing complex learning when they are permitted to participate in either gross or fine motor activities. An example of a gross motor activity would be running or jumping; fine motor activities include things like flicking a fidget spinner or squeezing a stress ball.

Not only are fidget spinners great for helping students focus, but they are also an excellent distraction for people who suffer from anxiety disorders. Having something to do with your hands can often help reduce stress and anxiety in social, learning and even professional situations.

Sounds like these nifty little tools are the perfect solution to a lot of problems. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so…

Why They Hate Them

Fidget spinners are mostly opposed in the school environment. The concern is that these gadgets are too distracting to the students who don’t “need” them. Teachers may also find that students take advantage of these items and use them as toys to play games with during class.

Another problem with fidget spinners is the lack of education on the subject. Not everyone understands the learning hardships some students face. Why fidget spinners are needed or how they can help students with sensory processing disorders or autism to learn is a mystery to some.

And then there is the argument that while they may be helping one student with ADHD to focus, they may simultaneously be preventing another student from focusing; so how do you choose which student’s needs are more important? Well, you shouldn’t have to.

Why You NEED Them

No matter what side of the great debate you land on, there is no denying the popularity of the fidget spinner. Even if you believe that kids having them in the classroom is distracting, you can be sure they’ll still enjoy them outside of school. What’s more, their parents may even “confiscate” them for themselves. The fact of the matter is: everyone fidgets to some extent. Why not offer your customers a constructive outlet for that nervous energy with custom fidget spinners?

This craze goes beyond just a fad and reflects something real about our society and education system. Fidget tools such as spinners offer a platform for people with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorders and even anxiety. This whole fidget fever has given us a place to start the conversation about deeper issues like our school systems’ lack of physical activity and movement that children need to learn as well as general awareness and education for these types of disorders (but that’s another blog for another day). Don’t you want your brand to be a part of that movement? When you distribute promotional fidget spinners you’re making a statement that your company or organization’s eyes are open to these issues and even offer a solution.

Plus… they are a LOT of fun!


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