5 Things You Never Knew About Webcams

Updated August 27, 2019

#1 – A Laptop webcam cover is a necessity

Webcams help keep us connected to friends and loved-ones, ease collaborations between colleagues, and allow a level of communication that has become second nature to many of us. They are fantastic little pieces of technology that we just can’t live without. But, as with so many things, these magical devices have a dark side (dun, dun, dun)… If someone were to hack into your computer, phone or tablet, your webcam would be vulnerable. With your privacy at stake, a simple laptop camera cover is an inexpensive and easy solution.

#2 – You can’t see when someone takes over your webcam

You know that little light near your webcam that tells you when it’s in use? You would think that if your camera had been compromised that light would appear to make you aware of it. Nope! If someone hacks into your device and takes over your webcam, that indicator light may not necessarily go on, so you could have no idea that someone is watching… creepy, right?

#3 – It’s not just video…

Your webcam gives access to video, yes, but the built-in microphone is also susceptible to a cyber attack. That means someone isn’t just watching, but listening too. This is particularly troubling when it comes to private conversations. Hackers can blackmail their victims using the information gained from these private conversations. So that’s one more thing to worry about (as if we didn’t have enough).

#4 – Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, posted a photo of himself last year with his laptop in the background. In the photo it appears that his webcam and microphone jack are covered with tape. This is a guy who made his fortune with technology, so we’re guessing he’s pretty savvy when it comes to avoiding malware and Trojan horses being installed on his computer. Even he takes that extra precaution to use a laptop camera cover for privacy.

#5 – The first webcam was invented for spying… on a coffee pot!

That’s right – webcams as we know them today were not invented to revolutionize the way we communicate (though they certainly have) – they were invented so that some computer science researchers wouldn’t have to make unnecessary trips to the department coffee pot. The researchers at Cambridge University positioned a digital camera on the coffee pot and used special software that allowed them to see the images on their computers. The idea was to avoid leaving their desks to check if the pot was ready or empty. Two years later, those researchers took the experiment a step further and broadcasted the images on the Internet giving birth to the world’s first webcam in 1993.

A Sliding Webcam Cover Works on All Your Devices!

Webcams are everywhere… on laptops, tablets, phones, computer monitors, smart TVs… you name it. In so many ways this technology has been a blessing. But it’s also a curse. One little piece of plastic can help give you some piece of mind to be able to use your webcams freely and protect your privacy at the same time: a sliding webcam cover.

There are a few webcam privacy covers you could use: tape, stickers, even post-its. What’s really neat about the sliding cover is that it stays on your device and allows you to easily uncover the camera when you need it. A custom webcam cover that slides is sure to be a hit at conferences and trade shows or even just among employees. With all of the webcams we have near us on a daily basis, it makes sense to take that small, simple precaution to protect your privacy. There so many different ones out there now, even ones that come packaged with a Popsocket!

Webcam and Popsocket Gift Set

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