December’s Product of the Month: Webcam Privacy Cover

Okay, check your marketing plan, because you’ll want to make room for the next level of cool in tech gear! Everyone knows that webcams are vital communication devices when conducting business or connecting with family and friends. What you should also know is webcams can be hacked; and hackers can use your electronic device to spy on your business and your family. Yuck!

Motivators wants you to empower your brand while helping your customers keep their businesses and homes safe from creepy hackers who access webcams for obnoxious reasons. You will be promoting your brand, and you’ll also be adding value to your business mission and giving a silent sales pitch about your company’s innovative character.

Webcams are a simple invention; however, these clever devices are made of high-quality, durable plastic with a strong adhesive that will keep your webcam cover in place. A computer camera cover from Motivators is thin enough for smartphones to still fit in pockets and slim enough for laptops to close. The stylish design, available in black, white and gray, is perfect for professional-looking desktop computers. And even though they are small, the 3/4″x1/4″ imprint area is large enough to boldly showcase your logo and business name or phone number.

Whether your customers are from banks, schools, universities, construction companies, retail stores or any other industry, we guarantee those industries are interested in cyber security. We don’t want anyone to be fearful, but unfortunately, webcam snooping is very real. Hackers can interrupt your webcam privacy and enter your world through a webcam; many times, this is for profit, blackmail, revenge, stealing confidential information, or simply to amuse themselves.

Leading-edge advice to tell your customers is that tape is NOT the best long-term solution for covering a web camera, even though it is cheap and temporarily effective. Of course, the same goes for sticky notes, bandages, colored dots and stickers. Not only do they get your monitors and screens sticky while applying/removing/reapplying, these adhesive-based fixes get your fingers gummed-up, too. They should use a custom laptop camera cover.

These webcam covers are ideal giveaways for employees, corporate colleagues, family and friends. They are also an excellent gift for a business meeting. Here’s the scenario: You’re heading into an important business meeting to discuss the details of a proposal. Your company has been shortlisted and the successful acquisition of this contract rests on your presentation. Begin the meeting by impressing these potential clients. Place the perfect business accessory at each seat, a webcam cover! Privacy measures are important for many individuals working in any office. Clearly, this promotional product is useful to everyone seated at that table and the webcam cover’s everyday use will be a constant reminder of your business. You also will gain people’s confidence by giving a thoughtful gift that shows you care about online security. And a bonus is how easy ordering will be with Motivators.

Another scenario could be happening at your next tradeshow: You’re off to the third tradeshow in a month, and you are carrying the ideal promo item in your luggage. Yes, there is no need to search through shipping boxes for your giveaway. You can carry all the webcam covers you’ll need in a container the size of a shoebox. These lightweight computer webcam covers travel well and will gain you the popularity your business seeks. Again, note the size of these webcam covers. The low-profile dimension of this promo product gives you versatility when promoting your business at a tradeshow. The giveaways won’t take up your entire display area and they can be used in numerous ways to grab the attention of the conference attendee.

What are you waiting for? You need a fresh idea that will grab attention and that is cost-effective for your brand, so secure your customer’s privacy by calling one of our promotional experts when you’re ready to order.


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