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Custom Fidget Flip Sticks – Stress Reliever | PromoTips by Motivators

Our Twiddle Stick, Item # 195246
Our Twiddle Stick, Item # 195246

Custom Fidget Flip Sticks Are More Than Just Stress Relievers

Roll it. Flip it. Stand it up. Catch it. There’s a hot new craze that is literally capturing the attention of America’s kids—and quite a few adults too. A new toy called a fidget stick is the next must-have entertainment in offices and playgrounds across the nation. It’s a game, it’s a plaything, it’s a skill toy, it’s a device to settle anxiousness, and it’s a great giveaway idea for customers, employees and prospects.

Although fidget spinners and cubes have not made an exit, they need to make room, because the newest craze in fidget toys is making an appearance at Motivators. We are introducing the wooden amusement: custom fidget flip sticks. These fidget devices may decompress an anxiety-filled work day. Players can easily hold it in their hand and play with it like many play with a pen or pencil. Or, during a work break, they can challenge coworkers on their balance and focus.

We’ll be honest, it’s actually a wooden stick: a simple creation containing boundless amounts of fun. It’s designed to automatically flip upright every time it tips end over end. You can flip it while letting it travel the entire width of the desk or flip it from one hand to the other.

The fidget stick is about the size and shape of a tube of lipstick. It fits in a purse or a pocket to travel along with you. You can enjoy fidget bars almost anywhere…at a party, at the office, in class, in a bar, at home.

Lots of people find a fidget distraction helps them keep their focus in check, bringing great improvements to their personal productivity and performance. And these toys will transform your overall mood into something much more relaxing.

Stress Relief!

Not only are custom fidget sticks fun, but individuals have also said they help to relieve stress and reduce nervous tension by redirecting focus. Players gently push the device to make it flip over, doing a somersault. This smooth, continuous action is helpful to relieve stress, but its concentrated play can also increase attention span and help with nervousness, worry and fidgeting. It may also help relieve stiffness caused by anxiety and help with relaxation. So, this promotional product is not only the perfect giveaway for customers, it is truly fun for the whole family.

Another great use for the flipping rod is it gives the player an outlet for nervous or bored energy, ending trips to the fridge, nail biting and knuckle cracking. Rather than seeing kids with their faces buried in cellphones, they are paying attention to their surroundings and having fun. Now those are both lifestyle improvements!

The Specs on Custom Fidget Slip Sticks

The design of the fidget stick creates an awesome canvas for your logo. The rounded contour is the perfect placement to highlight your brand. The fidget stick has a hollow center and has extra solid material at both ends, acting as weights. Crafted with quality wood, our custom fidget flip sticks come with rubber stoppers on the end to help them stand up. The end pieces come in five colors: red, blue, yellow, white and black. The imprint area for your logo is 2” x .5”.

How Can I Promote My Brand with Custom Fidget Flip Sticks?

Don’t look any further to find trending products to give as gifts during your grand opening event. If you are about to open your new business, these fidget toys are perfect as a gift-with-purchase and will bring you return customers.

Your new promotional product will be around for a long while, and don’t be surprised if you see your logo at a favorite restaurant. Trade show attendees bring their swag bags home for the family to enjoy. The fidget toy is the perfect distraction while children are waiting for their food to arrive at a restaurant. It will probably be the single-most important item you bring to the table because it’s small and perfect for a small space. Challenge the kids to keep it on the placemat!

How does it work?
1. Use a hard surface. A desk is ideal. The toy will not work on soft furniture or carpet.
2. Stand it on end and gently tip it over.
3. Watch it flip.
4. Make up your own tricks. There are videos to watch, but experiment by yourself.
5. Don’t give up. It can take a while to get the hang of it. But strangely addictive at the same time.
6. Don’t flip too hard. The key to success is not how hard to you flip it.

Everyone can easily master the basic maneuvers of custom fidget flip sticks. Customers can topple this popular fidget diversion end over end, try to catch it and balance it on different objects. Here are a few tricks to work on before moving to advanced levels:
1. Flip it 180 degrees
2. Now try a 360 double flip
3. Flip it from one hand to another
4. Spin it on its side and stop at the center
5. Flip from one person to another
6. Now, are you ready for two-stick tricks?

Browse all the colors to choose the one to get your logo known in the community, create a new customer base and show loyal customers your appreciation. That’s powerful stuff! At Motivators, we are passionate about our work – taking pride in establishing more successful businesses, one game-lover at a time!


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