February’s Product of the Month: Tuscany™ Card Holder w/Metal Ring

The Tuscany™ Card Holder = Super Bowl-Size Exposure for Your Brand!

In terms of branding, some of the most valuable real estate in the world is found on the backside of a smartphone. The average person makes about 8,000 public texts and calls per year.* This translates into 8,000 impressions per cellphone wallet, per year – so about 1,670 impressions for every dollar you spend! Compare that with a Super Bowl commercial, which costs $4 million with the potential of 100 million viewers for about 25 impressions per dollar. Cellphone wallets like our Tuscany card holder are 67 times better (and 100 times cooler) than that one Super Bowl commercial. 

Whether you’re a single-proprietorship or a multinational corporation, these gifts make great corporate gifts no matter how big your company. And no matter what you’re promoting – trade show, conference or festival – your customers will love these useful three-in-one wallets. These days, no one wants to lug around a giant “George Castanza wallet” exploding in their pockets. Customers will love the simplicity and minimalistic design of this card holder as well as the convenience of having it on the back of their phones. All of their essentials – phone, credit card, ID and cash – are easily and safely stored in one place and without the added bulk of what is not essential.

Tuscany Card Holder Features:

Our Tuscany all-in-one card holder with a metal ring phone stand is a hot product combination with the benefits of three top-selling products: a cellphone wallet, a cellphone holder and a cellphone stand.

  1. Wherever your customers go, this single-slip pocket wallet goes with them. They can store transit cards, credit cards, IDs or business cards.
  2. Smartphones slip out of your hands easily, so these promotional products come in handy because they are great grips. The metal ring makes activities like taking one-handed selfies, hands-free talking or texting incredibly easy and smooth. The metal ring rotates to create the perfect angle when texting or scrolling.
  3. The ring also lets you transform your wallet into a cellphone stand, both vertically and horizontally. It doesn’t matter if you are watching a movie or chatting on a video call or reading a book, a kickstand that helps a phone stand on its own is a valuable tool. It will be hands-free viewing at its finest. The stand also allows customers to watch videos, take group photos on a self-timer or even use the phone as an alarm clock by the bedside.
  4. Wrap your headphones / earbuds around the ring, and then slip the ends through the loop of the ring to secure them neatly onto your phone for another great use of this unique and versatile product. Your customers will appreciate this tangle-free method of storing their earbuds. They won’t have to wrap them around the cellphone, covering up part of the screen.

Your gift will be the most talked about tech accessory of the season! Not only is this stylish, soft, faux-leather gift made by Leeman™ New York, this little promo includes a removable, non-residue adhesive back for placement on flat-back smartphones, cellphones or mobile devices. Simply peel off the protective paper sheath and adhere the strong adhesive to the back of your phone. The adhesive is strong, but when it’s removed leaves no residue behind!

You are probably familiar with the term embossing, where an image is created by raising the design off the paper or material. The imprint on these card holders are elegantly created using debossing, the creative process that uses recessed relief designs to create an image. These images look to be sunken into the surface of the material. The size of the durable pocket is 3-5/8”x2.5”, small enough to universally fit on any smartphone or mobile device. The wallet is available in tan, navy, red and black and is patent pending. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on the Tuscany Card Holder for your next event!


*Estimate based on Business Insider, March 22, 2013, “CHART OF THE DAY: “Kids Send a Mind-Boggling Number of Texts [3,800] Every Month.”


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