Everything You Need to Know About PopSockets®

Updated June 19, 2019

Stick It. Pop It. Grip It. PopSockets.

Before we begin, raise your hand if you know what a PopSocket is… Great! Skip ahead. For those of you with your hands down, let’s first answer that burning question:

What are PopSockets?

Simply put, PopSockets make your phone easier to grip. They attach to the back of cellphones or tablets, and they expand and collapse, letting the user hold the phone securely for texting, calling, surfing, selfies and looking at photos. PopSockets allow the hand to relax while still keeping a firm grip on the phone.

Customers can also use PopSockets as a phone stand, propping a phone up in landscape and portrait positions. For perfect gaming, kids can add these tools to their tablets and use them as a joystick. Extended PopSockets are a splendid earbuds management system. PopSockets also serve as a stress reliever with their fidget-friendly popping.

Who came up with PopSockets?

PopSockets had humble beginnings. Back in 2011, philosophy professor at the University of Boulder Colorado, David Barnett was fed up with his earbuds getting tangled in his pocket. “I drove down to JOANN Fabrics in Boulder to look for a solution, build a solution basically…I glued two huge buttons with a little spacer on the backside in [the] JoAnn Fabric store so I could wrap my headphones around the buttons,” said Barnett. “It looked pretty ugly.” Later Barnett fine-tuned his invention, evolving the buttons to create a big grip and making the socket collapsible. Barnett showed kids in Boulder, and their reaction was astonishment. Kids loved what would soon be called the PopSocket. Determined, Barnett spent more time on pursuing his vision, slowly transitioning it from a hobby to career.

Are there accessories for the PopSocket?

Motivators carries the original PopSockets, aluminum and diamond aluminum PopSockets, Woodgrip Popsockets and combo packages. If you want to add more value to your PopSocket giveaway, take a look at the PopSockets and PopClic combination. PopClic is a mounting device for the PopSocket that enables your customers to mount their phones to a dashboard, office cube wall, bed post or computer. PopSockets snap easily into and out of the mount.

How do PopSockets stick?

If you are using an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, X(R) or X(S) a silicone case, or a glass back protector, you’ll need to apply a special adhesive disc to the back of your phone before attaching your PopSockets grip. Because of an anti-fingerprint coating on the glass backs of these devices, your PopSockets grip won’t stick without the disc. Your customers can easily request a disc, and PopSockets will send it immediately.

Here are some step-by-step instructions you can use to help your customers with glass-back or silicone phones and phone cases:

  1. Carefully pull back the liner, and peel the disc away from the liner, exposing the adhesive side. Don’t be afraid to use your fingernails to separate them from each other.
  2. Apply the adhesive disc to the back of the phone, sticky side down. Carefully smooth away any air bubbles.
  3. Remove the film from the PopSockets grip, and mount it on the center of the disk.
  4. All done! Enjoy the PopSockets life.

How do you remove a PopSocket? Can they be reused?

One of the best things about custom PopSockets is they’re durable and can be reused, providing a long-lasted effect for your branding. To remove it from your device, you just need to slowly peel away the adhesive disc. Some suggest using dental floss to get underneath it. Whatever you do, do not pull on the PopSockets grip or it might pop off the base. Once you’ve removed it, transfer it to the new device quickly so it doesn’t dry out. If you’re having trouble getting it to stick again, just run it under water and let it dry and it should be ready to ready to re-stick.

Why are PopSockets great for branding?

Promotional PopSockets offer a powerful, useful – and fun – way to get your message out there over and over (and over) again. Even though this ingenious tool is only 1.5 inches in diameter, it packs a billboard-sized punch. It will take your branding to the next level with your full-color logo design. If your company can’t decide on a design, order two different designs. Our customers can easily switch out one design for another according to their mood because PopSockets have PopTek technology. This means the reusable adhesive can be removed, rinsed, replaced and repositioned whenever the whim arises.

When it comes to brand, we’d argue that nothing can compete with the back side of a phone. And that’s where you’ll find your branded PopSockets. Just imagine the number of times you see another person’s cellphone…walking the streets, riding the subway, sitting in meetings, etcetera. Now multiply the number of times you see a cellphone by 80. The average person checks their phone an average of 80 times per day according to the New York Post. That’s a lot of impressions. In fact, it’s more impressions than the Super Bowl delivers, minus the million-dollar hit to your budget, of course.

Where can I distribute promotional PopSockets?

PopSockets can be a huge success at a company picnic, in your trade show booth, as a reminder of a campus visit, or a seminar giveaway. PopSockets can also be used as fundraisers such as high school stores, university book outlets, for band booster clubs and non-profit online sales.

Ok, they sound good. But are PopSockets really popular?

Do not doubt the popularity of PopSockets. They are sold in 45 countries and endorsed by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio. If you want additional affirmation, they are also the go-to phone accessory for celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Ryan Seacrest and former Vice President Joe Biden. They all have PopSockets!

Now you know all there is to know about PopSockets including their undeniable usefulness and popularity.

Now available in iridescent and mini!

So get popping for a picture perfect promotion!



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