How to Win at Note-Taking: The Tech Junior Journal

Do you get a sense of comfort from writing your notes by hand? Science says you are not alone. Even in 2018 when technology reigns and devices abound everywhere you turn, people still love to write old-school style, with pen and paper in hand.

7 Ways Writing in a Journal or Notebook is Better Than Typing

Permanence – How many times have you been in the middle of working on a paper or taking notes on a laptop when the power goes out or the battery dies? How many times has your computer crashed or a note on your device disappeared? Technology is wonderful and can be so convenient at times…but it fails us all too often. Paper is forever. Sure, a journal could get lost, but so could your laptop. It can get wet, but it’ll dry and be just fine (unlike your laptop). Notebooks are small and portable and offer a convenience all their own. And they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Privacy – If you write down personal or private information, unique ideas or project notes, your material remains relatively secure. When it’s on your computer or worse – online – you never know who might be able to access it. Barring the unlikely scenario that your journal is stolen, you can rest assured your secrets are safe with paper.

Process – Whether you’re writing notes at a meeting, brainstorming with colleagues or doing some creative writing, it’s helpful to see the process. When you type, it’s all too easy to delete text, scrap ideas and start over. But when you write by hand, even if you cross things out, you can go back and see your process. Sometimes we even circle back and learn our best ideas were some of our firsts.

Perception – When we type notes in a lecture or meeting, we tend to type up everything verbatim simply because we can. Most people type much faster than they can write, so it makes it easy to get every word as it is spoken. That may sound like it’s a good thing, but it’s actually doing us a disservice when it comes to retaining the information. When you write notes, you have to be selective about what you write down. You’re more likely to listen and absorb what’s being said so you can paraphrase and choose the meaningful information you need to remember.

Productivity – Taking notes by hand can be more productive in the learning process because distractions are limited. On a computer, phone or tablet the temptation to ask the magic Google is ever present. Pop-up ads, text messages or email notifications are also vying for your attention. When you eliminate the devices, you’re left with just your thoughts, your pen, your paper and your total focus on what you’re writing.

Proficiency – When you put pen to paper you’re using more physical energy than when you type. More senses are actively engaged when writing – not just the feel of the pen, for example, but also the pressure you use as you write. The movement of your fingers forming the letters on the page also engages the parts of your brain involved with thought, language and short-term memory, which means you are better equipped to master the information when you write by hand rather than type.

Proof – There is something comforting and refreshing about writing in a notebook or journal. Sure, typing may be faster for some people, but faster does not actually mean better in this case. And, science is here to prove it… this study shows writing by hand strengthens the learning process in our brains. Or, this one shows paraphrasing in our own words helps us better retain information. Even the type of handwriting can impact our learning capabilities. The underlying theme here is that study after study proves you’re not alone in this gravitation toward pen and paper… it’s satisfying to the brain!

What Does All This Have to Do with Promotional Journals?

Well…now that we’ve established how our brains benefit from writing, it’s up to you to arm your customers and clients with what they need to succeed. Everyone from college students to high-level executives can use a quality journal such as the Tech Junior Journal. When it comes to professionals, this journal will come in handy at conferences, lectures, business meetings, company trainings and more. Everyday things such as grocery lists, questions for the doctor, talking points for the contractor, or phone messages can be recorded here too. This is a product that has a far reach and a terrific appeal, which makes it the ideal branding tool for you.

Screenprint your company name and logo in up to four colors on the bottom of the front cover. Your 3″x3″ imprint will really pop against the elegant, charcoal grey microfiber. Inside you’ll find nothing but class with 80 cream-colored ruled pages to write on. The front features a pen loop and integrated cellphone strap to keep the essentials all together and close at hand. The textured elastic closure ensures your notes stay safely inside. Pair it with a promotional pen to make your gift or giveaway complete!


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