Promotional Cellphone Pouch Saves the Day!

The Case of the Lost Phone in Mexico

Our goal is to make our customers happy, and we do it every day; however, nothing pleases us more than when a customer chats with us and tells a story about a remarkable promotional product. Get ready, and be prepared to smile, because this is a splendid real-life saga with a happy ending!

“Recently, on a trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I forgot my cellphone in a taxicab. In a city with more than 350 cabs, all run independently, I was at a loss as to what to do. A tough situation considering in San Miguel, there is no central hub or dispatch to call in these situations. And bearing in mind that everyone locks their phones, how could the cab driver possibly get in touch with me?

The hero of this story is my promotional product – the Mobile Device Pocket & Earbuds Set – a small pocket/pouch for credit cards, cash and earbuds. The silicone pouch sticks to the back of my iPhone. The driver, in an act of kindness, looked up my website and emailed me. Seven hours later I had my cellphone back! Yes, I gave him a big tip!

I’m so grateful to Motivators and the lovely promotional product that saved my day!”

~Laura Morales.Cell-Wallet-with-earbuds-set

Promotional products are an extremely valuable channel for marketing. Better than any other advertising form, promotional products inspire action. They increase brand recognition, brand loyalty and brand positivity. They possess unique power as a long-lasting and economical advertising method. Once in the hands of the consumer, promotional products can last for months or years, continuing to generate attention for the brand. Compared to other media, promotional products have a lower cost per impression with a higher potential return on investment. We’re betting you already knew that, but promotional products can do more!

Laura Morales knows first-hand the power of promotional products. After all, she has been a customer of Motivators for more than seven years. She first heard about Motivators when she was sent a direct mail piece showcasing some top-selling promotional products. The first thing she noticed was what a good value many of the promos provided. Later she started receiving emails from Motivators and filed them away until the day she needed to shop for new ways to advertise her business. She spearheads Energize Your Outlook, a speaking, training and executive coaching firm that specializes in bringing the best out in people from helping a company’s team play well together to personal career development and networking with confidence.

In 2011, Laura conducted training seminars that included a variety of topics including: How to Network. Laura said, “One of the first things I teach about networking is the easiest thing a person can do to network is to smile. The first promotional products I purchased from Motivators were compact mirrors. They were a really good price! I wanted my clients to practice making the best first impression. SMILE!”

Laura re-ordered compact mirrors in 2013 to keep spreading her SMILE! message. Then when Laura purchased these promotional cellphone pouches from Motivators, she never guessed they would end up saving the day! Laura’s cellphone was returned because of her branding imprinted on this promotional item. Such a little pouch, a simple product, became a huge lifesaver that saved Laura from a giant inconvenience and expense. Because of this promo, her story ended with a “happily ever after!”

Check out Laura’s video testimonial:


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