How to Beat a “Case of the Mondays”

Work is where we spend the majority of our waking hours. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you love your job, the people you work with and the environment in which you work. But what if you’re not quite that lucky?

Maybe you love your job, but your office is a drag. Maybe your coworkers are more like friends, but your tasks are not thrilling. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to find a little happiness throughout your work day. Why? Because recent studies show that happiness actually has a direct link to productivity. So how can you make work suck less?

We Need to Talk About Your Flair

Consider your flair anything that makes you smile. Place photos of loved ones around your office or cubicle. Seeing family, friends and pets can help brighten your day and actually make you more productive in doing so.

Plants can also promote productivity and attentiveness by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. They can even improve your impression of your work environment and raise job satisfaction, according to an article in Psychology Today. Add as much “flair” as you can to glance at when you need a little pick-me-up… we suggest more than just the minimum 15 pieces.

I Believe You Have My Stapler

Maybe there’s a reason the red stapler was coveted… Certain colors have been shown to affect the way we work. Using bright colors like red and blue can help boost productivity and creativity.

If you don’t have a say in the color of the walls, add color where you can: your office supplies. Choose vibrant post-its, staplers, paper clips and desk gadgets. Believe it or not, the bright colors can actually help change your mood and outlook on your work day.

Remember, Next Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day

It’s all about having fun… Fun is actually in important part of work, as counterintuitive as that may sound. We need some sort of outlet for anxious energy in order to stay focused. In fact, research suggests that letting your brain recharge a bit can increase concentration and foster inspiration.

Take little breaks, a quick stretch or a short walk. If you’re seeking motivation at your desk, stress relievers and small toys like yoyos and fidget spinners can give you just enough to get the juices flowing.

The MopToppers™ Collection: Is This Good For the Company?

Our collection of MopToppers is good for you and the company. These products can help you accomplish all of the above! They make you smile, they’re colorful, and they add a bit of fun to your day. Hit the refresh button on your brain by keeping these items on your desk or close at hand while you work.

We chose the MopToppers collection as our product of the month for June because anyone who works in an office can appreciate these items, but also employees and freelancers who work from home as well as smartphone and tablet users. They are universally loved… which makes them ideal for showcasing your brand and logo.

Did you see the memo about this?“So what exactly is the MopToppers collection all about?” you ask. First and foremost, it is adorable… cute, happy little faces with fun (and functional) “hair” on top of each product.

The collection includes everything from stress relievers, ear bud stands and phone holders to novelty pens and styluses. Plush characters, puppets and key chains as well as waterproof pouch or notebook and pen kits round out the mix. While the product itself has its own use, the microfiber hair on top is not only whimsical and fun, it also serves as a screen cleaner.

The screen-cleaner hair is perfect for cleaning fingerprints and dust off of the screens you stare at all day, from your computer to your phone.

So if you could just go ahead and check these out, that would be great… mmmkay?

Interesting in seeing these cuties up-close? Jayme, our amazing Account Manager, shows you some of our featured items.

Call us and we’ll work to find the right item for your next event or promotion!


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