Trade Shows and Charging Stations Are A Powerful Duo

Attendees arrive at 8 a.m., focus on the event all day long and then hit the hospitality rooms. During this time, smart phones and iPads are kept busy…texting, calling, posting on social media, taking photos and typing notes. Battery life is drained quickly and won’t last all day. That’s why charging stations are a vital part of every trade show and convention.

Why not have a charging station at your next trade show booth? Providing a convenient location to recharge devices will bring your brand plenty of kudos. After all, you’ll be offering something everyone wants!

Eight Ways Trade Show Charging Stations Benefit Your Business

1. Looking good! Access to power makes your company look good by fulfilling a need and removing a worry.

2. Loyalty – By improving your guests’ experience, you’ll make them much more loyal customers.

3. Good Way to Start a Conversation – In the past, it has taken eloquence, charm and ingenuity to keep the attention of a customer for more than 4 or 5 minutes. But with a cell phone charging stations for events you will have the advantage of being able to attract and engage many visitors who may not have given your stand any attention if not for their ‘energy crisis’.

4. Brand Buzz – Once attendees hear about your charging station, they’ll come visit regardless of whether or not they had originally planned on stopping by your booth. What a great way to attract new customers!

5. Increase in Foot Traffic – If the goal is to increase the quantity of footfall, advertise you will be providing power at the upcoming event. Publicize that charging is free, secure and convenient.

6. Competitive Advantage – Maybe the difference between choosing you or your competitor is the amount of time you spend chatting with the prospect. Your advantage is the time it takes to charge their smartphone.

7. Excellent Content for Social Media – Tweeting and posting content about your company hosing a charging station will get shared!

8. Boost Sales-Research information provided by ChargeItSpot has found:

    Customers who charge their phones stay 2.27 x longer than those who don’t.
    Customers who charge their phones spend 29% more than those who don’t.
    Of the people who walk in just to charge, 11% end up spending money.

Charging Station Ideas and Costs

You may choose to rent a charging system from reputable companies such as INCHARGED or Hartford Technology. These companies will add your branding to a power tower and deliver it to the event location. However, repeatedly renting charging stations may not fit into your budget.

Another option is to purchase a charging table for your trade show booth. There is a plethora of companies who will custom design a single coffee table or side table with your logo. Your business can rent or buy from goCharge or Charge Tech. Both will create a furniture piece that’s ideal for your trade show exhibit starting at $950.

Of course, the only way to have a successful trade show is to get people to visit – and linger at – your booth. One surefire way to guarantee a busy booth is to give them a place to relax and recharge. If you want to create a lounge effect, add a cell phone charging station to your comfy couches. IKEA has unique, wireless charging tables and table lamps for single devices. $90 for VARV Floor Lamp.

If the huge price tag placed on some of these charging stations still doesn’t fit into your budget, create your own charging station! You’ll create a captive audience and an effective starting point to engage them with value-add content. After all, there’s nothing quite like actual face-to-face communication.

Inside your booth include powerbanks to charge attendees’ devices and then give away the power bank as a promotion to keep your brand in the hands of your customers and prospects. Brand Identity is evident for every power bank you give away. And these charging devices will make their way into the homes (and memories) of every attendee!

Here’s how:

    1. It’s as simple as starting with your existing booth or exhibit. Standard assets in a booth are a table and chairs. Use part of the table to stage your charging station. With a power strip and a multi-use outlet, setup and charge up your logo’d power banks.
    2. Let attendees know what you have for them with “Charging Station Here” signage.
    3. Brand it! Whatever configuration you create for your power banks, make sure your logo is prominent.
    4. Make sure your booth is a secure place for attendees’ phones. This shouldn’t be a problem because your booth is staffed the entire time, whereas no one is watching a charging locker.
    5. A benefit of your charging station is to eliminate tripping hazards throughout the building. Make sure your cords are out of the way so attendees don’t trip over them.
    6. Now charge! And share the experience while prospects are powering-up their devices. Use these moments as a natural and easy way to just start a conversation – remember, you don’t have to sell right away.

What organizations will benefit from hosting charging stations (and of course, giving away Phone Chargers)?

Here are 10 places/event examples where giving away power banks will be beneficial for your brand:

1. School Fundraisers
2. VIP Lounges
3. Hospitals and Clinics
4. Colleges and University Orientation Days
5. Company Picnics
6. Registration Lobbies at Trade shows or Conferences
7. Restaurants and Bars
8. Sports Arenas
9. Breakout Rooms
10. Airports

At a time when cell phones and tablets are becoming indispensable, people need to feel plugged in. So, regardless of your industry or budget, offering trade show attendees a charging solution will benefit your business, attendees, exhibitors and the event – all at the same time. It’s an exceptional trade show idea guaranteed to make a lasting impression! Call us today, and we’ll help you get setup with a Branding Opportunity That Works.

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