Travel Giveaway Ideas: How to Market Your Tourist Destination

Traditional advertising is fading fast, so you need to look to other options that will grab your travel audience’s attention. Although there is a sea of promotional product options in tourism and travel, here we are going to talk about one of the best travel giveaway ideas for your company – custom beach towels branded with your logo or message!

A beach towel will not only make a good impression, it will do it without breaking the bank. Beach towels are giveaways that will certainly get used and you have all the room you need to tell your entire brand’s story. After all, individuals today are extremely receptive to brand storytelling. So, as a part of your destination marketing plan and your tourism marketing campaigns, why not consider beach towel giveaways? Or, if you are a company looking for additional product giveaway ideas for employees, consider beach towels! Every employee values and appreciates their vacation time and will love you for it.

With the shelf life of a quality beach towel at 15 years, why wouldn’t you make it your number one giveaway? They are perfect promotional tools for:

  • Cruise Lines
  • Hotels
  • VRBOs
  • Spas
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airlines
  • Gift Shops
  • Adventure Vacations
  • And even for incentive trips and gifts for valued employees.

Travel Promotion Ideas for every vacation come true!

Cruise Lines

For cruise lines, it’s all about experiences. Whether you’re a locally-owned day cruiser or a fleet of top-tier ships, what defines your success is comfort and amenities. Win your guests over at every turn to ensure they have the best experience possible. Here are some winning marketing ideas to promote your cruise line.Believe it or not, a personalized beach towel increases your chance of guests cruising with you again. A towel goes far beyond shampoo, pens and notepads. This small beach side luxury will speak loudly for your brand. Plus, guests will be exposed to your brand imagery throughout their stay and will realize your dedication to making their experience a true representation of your business. Say “bon voyage” to boring promotional items and sail into smooth marketing waters with the personalized cruise ship beach towels


Where did we stay? I can’t remember…was it a Holiday Inn? Maybe a Marriott? Or was that the trip where we stayed at the Hilton? Will your guests remember you? With so many accommodation options, the guest experience is no longer about a good night’s sleep, it’s about brand experience. Go beyond logo shampoo, body lotion and comfy robes. When your guests arrive in their hotel room, surprise them with logo sandals, flip-flops and an embroidered beach towel. These giveaways will serve as a reminder to reserve their next room with you!


The decision between a customer renting your vacation rental by owner and the next guy’s rental could be in a freebie. Offer a free beach towel for each reservation at your VRBO. The difference between success and an empty cottage could be a promotional gift that will appeal to a free-spirited traveler.


Your guests will be inspired by your spiritual retreat and beautiful surroundings. But admit it – those tiny towels at pools, spas, yoga studios, wellness clinics and health clubs are quite annoying. Nothing will say luxury like an oversized bath towel. VIP guests will not forget your hospitality or the name of your business when you send them home with a big, body-covering towel. Plush towels could be the secret to your instant success, especially if you use the entire towel for your brand’s message.

Travel Agencies

With many people booking trips online, travel agencies need to ramp up their brand awareness to ensure vacationers look to them for travel arrangements. Dream destinations deserve a treasured gift like a soft and cozy beach towel. Consumers love useful promos, so your one-time marketing items may turn one-time vacationers into regular customers. For travel agency promotional items and travel agent gifts to clients, consider beach towels


As an airline, you know that business class travelers are important to your bottom line. You can leave a lasting impression on frequent fliers using a premium gift. You could giveaway neck pillows, noise canceling headphones, or document keepers. However, we suggest you shy away from practical professional giveaways and reinforce a better business relationship by offering fun! Hand them an embroidered beach towel! Your customers will be delighted by this unique, stand-out gift and will be reminded of your airline for many years to come.

Gift Shops

We are betting you’ve never left a vacation spot without a souvenir. Everyone brings a reminder of their adventure home or brings a gift to their loved ones. It’s time for your gift shop to clear some shelves and make room for some beach towels. They will be cherished beyond their vacation and your destination will be celebrated each time they are used. People want souvenirs that are suitable for all ages and all occasions, towels are it!

Adventure Companies

Make your adventurous customers comfortable by giving them a beach towel to explore all the places your location has to offer…to soak up some sun, to lay down at a picnic, to cover a hot leather car seat, to wrap around your shoulders on a chilly night, or to dry off after a boat trip. Never underestimate the power of a nifty promotional item to enhance your customer’s experience.


Remind your valued employees that you appreciate their hard work and that you want them to enjoy some leisure time by mixing business with pleasure. Hold a company town hall meeting during the summer, and at that meeting, put your most valued asset on a bus and head to the shore for a company picnic. Gift them with a beach towel to soak up some much-needed relaxation. If your company has a sales incentive trip to keep your sales staff motivated, send a surfing rubber duck and a beach towel with your logo to congratulate winners of a sales incentive trip. Now they’re on their way!

Don’t think of them as “beach towels”, think of them as perfect marketing tools for every special experience!

Feeling inspired by our travel giveaway ideas? Browse our collection of beach towels now, or get in touch with our brand consultants today for additional assistance.

Branding opportunities are everywhere. Let us help you to make them memorable when marketing your tourist destination.


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