Wellness Gift Ideas for Employees

Updated January 7, 2020

It’s commonly known that working at Google is rad. Inc. magazine reports on their company perks. Locations house ping-pong tables, nap pods and laundry services. Employees can even swim and shower at work. Google has also created a People & Innovation Lab to conduct research and development within its People Operations (HR). The company is extremely invested in finding unique ways to improve the health of its employees. More than 77% of American companies currently offer “employee health and wellness” programs. Does your company give your employees the tools to succeed with their fitness goals?

Corporate wellness programs provide countless benefits to the individuals involved and the company promoting the program. Outcomes such as reduced absenteeism, greater employee retention, increased productivity and lower overall health care costs are just some. To produce these good results, it’s important to get as many employees as possible on board. One way to “incentivize” interest is through giveaways for those meeting certain program goals. Here are some of our picks for health and wellness gift ideas for employees:

What are some corporate gift ideas for health and wellness?

Health Stats and Record Keeper
American Express starts every wellness program with free health screenings for its employees. A simple health screening can check blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. It can also provide BMI (body mass index) assessments and other useful data that will give your employees a snapshot of their current state of health. Give your employees a record book to keep track of their health screening information.

Yoga Supplies
Yoga has numerous physical benefits that help work out all the kinds from sitting at a desk all day. Yoga can also clear your employees’ minds of endless emails and a mile-long task list. It’s also a good opportunity for your employees to show company pride with yoga mats, yoga bag and yoga apparel branded with the corporate logo.

Walking Club Reflecting Lights
LED safety light for shoesThere’s no need for a workout room on site for your employees to get a workout during the day. Motivate employees to exercise by starting a walking club and give them a safety tool to get started. Clubs are a great way to meet more people and to take steps toward better health at lunchtime, during coffee breaks or after the work day is done. You can coordinate these club get-togethers through your company’s social media accounts or by sending out paper memos to all employees within the company. If your company’s location is near a lot of outdoor trails and walking routes, let your employees know about it by posting maps of these routes on the indoor and outdoor walls of your building.

Health Club Partnerships
Negotiate a discount for your employees with health clubs in your community. The discount is a great gift idea even if your employees aren’t considering joining a club, they still love to receive discounts on products and services. Many corporations these days are partnering with various health clubs in their community so that their employees can get discounts on memberships. If there are employees who have been thinking about joining a health club but can’t afford the expense each month, the employee discount gives them an extra incentive to join the club.

Gym Bags
duffel gym bagsHere’s an idea to prepare them for healthy success. A good way to start a wellness program and encourage fitness is to give a sports bag to your employees. A bag for working out in the corner of their office may be the motivation they need to head to the gym before heading home.

Essential Oils
The health benefits of essential oils are never-ending: aromatherapy, stress relief, healing, fragrant perfume or simply dilute the oil with fractionated coconut oil and these promotional products can be used as massage oil. Essential oils can be applied to wrists, ears, temples and back of neck. They can provide support for a healthy immune function and help relax your mind and body. Specific oil benefits may include relief from muscle aches, tension/everyday stresses, migraines, jet lag, exhaustion, heartburn and even bug bites! They can be used through a diffuser for the power of health and wellness in the office or at home. Add a few drops to your bath water to make an immunity boosting spa experience.

Fitness Trackers
While incentives will not make for healthier employees, they do help inspire interest and participation. Step up your wellness program with good-better-best fitness trackers as incentives for goals reached. Fitness trackers from pedometers to FitBits® are available, so you’ll find one to fit your budget. Your logo will be a constant reminder of their achievements and your support on their wellness journey!

Spa Kits and Spa Days
As far as personalized gifts go, few people would refuse the option to take a day off. Up the ante a little bit by providing your clients or colleagues with gift certificates for a full spa experience — perfect after the close of a big campaign that’s required long nights at the office. Spa gifts are also the perfect way to tell your employees how much you want them to relax after completing a hard work project. Spa gifts or pedicure kits are great if getting out to a spa isn’t an option.

What are affordable corporate gift ideas promoting wellness?

Lunchtime Tools
Employees love special events that happen in the workplace. Anything that distracts them from the daily grind of their everyday jobs is a good thing. Plan a potluck featuring healthy dishes and distribute the recipes to all employees. Take the opportunity to integrate a few health-promoting lunchtime products like a salad set or water bottles with your corporate logo to encourage nutritious eating and hydration throughout the day.

Stress Balls
Another corporate gift item that promotes employee wellness are stress balls. Maybe not as impactful as nutrition and fitness, managing stress is important to improving wellness. Although quirky, stress balls are useful for keeping the hands moving during a long conference call or for relieving the anxiety of a busy workday. There are so many fun stress ball shapes and sizes, you’ll find one that fits perfectly into any of your office cubicles.

Sensible Snacks
Stress at work and long work days can lead some people to make questionable food choices during the day. Make sensible snacks available in vending machines and highlight restaurants that offer healthy lunch options. Mandated overtime? Treat your employees to free nutrition-packed granola and nuts. Or, contract a nutritionist to show your employees how to make better choices both at work and at home.

Not everyone might think of wellness gift ideas for employees (or clients), but to do so shows your support of a healthy lifestyle. If you demonstrate that you care about the well being of your colleagues, it can go a long way towards building strong team bonds while getting everyone leaning more toward wellness. A healthy office is a productive one!

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