20 Perfect Promotional Products You NEED in Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail in and of itself can be a very effective marketing tool, but when you add promotional products to your direct mail campaign… wow! Despite what you may think, people actually love to get mail. In fact 98% of people bring in their mail the day it’s delivered according to a recent study by the U.S. Postal Service. When you add promotional products, be sure to make it very clear on the outside of your envelope that there is a free gift or item inside.

Here are some ideas of what you can include to make your next direct mail campaign a memorable one:

1 – Webcam Covers

Number one on our list is imprinted webcam covers because they appeal to such a wide audience. Everyone values privacy, and webcam covers help protect privacy for anyone using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Like all of our mailable items they are slim and lightweight to easily fit in a standard envelope.

2 – Cell Phone Wallets

Motivators carries a wide selection of cell phone wallets. From super thin to multifunctional, you’re sure to find one that will fit best with your direct mail campaign. These items offer a unique convenience to your customers as well as a terrific branding opportunity for you. Learn more about the power of cell phone wallets here.

3 – Calendars

There is a lot more to the calendar category of promotional products than the standard wall calendar. While wall calendars are wonderful and useful for writing down appointments, birthdays, etc., many people appreciate a quick glance at a small calendar to simply check days and dates. That’s where magnet, card or stick-on mini calendars come in handy. From doctors and dentists to salons and even mechanics can leave these types of calendars at the desk to help customers plan their next appointment.

4 – Microfiber Pouch

These nifty little items can hold everything from sunglasses and cell phones to business cards and makeup. They also act as a screen cleaner and feature a drawstring to keep items safe. Microfiber pouches make great summer mailings because people will often use them instead of bulky sunglass cases.

5 – Ear Bud Winder/Wallet Card

Ear bud cards offer a convenient way to keep your ear buds organized and prevent tangles in the cord. The card is standard wallet-size, which makes it easy to keep close at hand. It’s a small, affordable item that will make your branding pop.

6 – Luggage Tags

When it comes to luggage tags, there are a lot of options to choose from. The best luggage tags for mailings are ones that are flat and light, but also unique. For example our flip flop luggage tag is great because it throws some fun into the mix. Its unique shape will ensure a second look, and it’s cute design will make it easy to spot in a sea of luggage.

7 – Seed Packets & Paper

This next item is perfect for springtime mailings. Seed packets and seed paper appeal to anyone who loves to garden as well as the eco-conscious consumer. You can even save on paper by printing your promotion directly on the seed paper and mailing it as is! Ditch the envelopes, and save a tree.

8 – Awareness Bracelets

One of the most recognizable awareness items out there is a debossed awareness bracelet. Customize with your cause, charity or event for a powerful and memorable promotional item. Custom awareness bracelets are light and can lay flat, making them ideal for direct mail campaigns. And people love to wear them to show their support and help raise awareness.

9 – Bookmarks

A bookmark is one of those items that you can never have enough of. People of all ages need a bookmark at some point, whether they are reading for work, school or pleasure. They are one of our favorite mailable promos because they are so light and fit easily into a standard envelope. They’re also bound to get used!

10 – Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

From sunglasses and glasses to smartphones, computers and tablets, everyone needs at least one microfiber cleaning cloth. In fact, chances are you’ll need more than one – keep one in the car, one at your desk, and one in your purse or briefcase. That makes these items highly useful because like bookmarks, you can never have too many.

11 – Pens

Pens are classic promotional items. Every store, office or brand should be equipped with promotional pens. Mailing them simply serves as an additional reminder of your brand. When choosing a pen for your direct mail campaign, be sure to choose one that fits your target audience. If your audience is technology-driven, a pen with a stylus may get more use than a fountain pen, for example.

12 – Post-itĀ® Notes

Whether at the office or at home, post-its are always useful. Choose brightly-colored notes that stand out or industry-specific ones to suit your brand. We offer a variety of styles. For direct mail pieces, however, we recommend choosing a pad that is on the thinner side like one of our many 25-sheet pads.

13 – Flash Drives

Why not mail a piece of technology that can appeal to everyone? From small, sleek flash drives to whimsical, novelty flash drives, Motivators has exactly what you need to hit home with your target audience in a range of storage capacities and colors.

14 – Can Coolers

Custom can coolers are great for summer mailings. They help keep drinks cold while tailgating, at barbecues or just around the house. No matter how many can coolers you have, more are always welcomed. Plus with many of our can coolers, you can choose full-color imprints that will definitely draw attention to your brand. Some can coolers can be on the bulkier side, so try to choose one that will lay flat for your direct mail campaign.

15 – Slim Tote Bags

While everyone could use a tote bag, not all tote bags are ideal for direct mail promotions. Because they can vary in size, it’s best to choose a slim bag that folds easily. This type of bag will also make a great reusable grocery-bag for those who are often on-the-go. City-dwellers and parents especially can appreciate the portability of these types of bags.

16 – Mousepads

A mousepad is one of those items that is often overlooked for mailings because of its size; however, with the appropriately-sized envelope it can still offer a powerful promotion. It’s flat and lightweight, and it’s incredibly useful as most homes and offices are equipped with computers.

17 – Cell Phone / Tablet Stands

A collapsible phone stand can be used on a tablet too, giving the recipient even more options. It folds flat for mailing and comes in very handy for everything from video chats and movie-watching to reading recipes, directions and more. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can appreciate a free stand. And your branding is sure to be seen.

18 – Letter Opener

Where’s a letter opener when you need one? Inside your direct mail piece! Ironic, but fun. Letter openers make a nice addition to your direct mail campaign because they’re light and flat and (above all) useful.

19 – Magnets with Geomapping

This new technology is incredibly useful and effective. Select magnets from Motivators offer geomapping on the accompanying postcards, which will lead customers right to your door – literally! This feature is ideal for any brick and mortar store, restaurant, hospital, bank or service business. It uses the address of the recipient to draw a route on the map directly to you. Call us to learn more about this unique promotional opportunity.

20 – PopSocketsĀ®

If you haven’t heard of PopSockets, check this out now. They are mailed flat and “pop” open when you’re ready to use them. PopSockets function as a cord wrap, media stand and phone/tablet grip all in one product. Try one out, and you’ll be surprised at how functional and helpful these little items actually are. Definitely one of our favorites for direct mail campaigns and promotions in general.


Did you know you can mail items without any packaging at all? Just stick your label on to ensure your items get into your recipients’ hands. Call Motivators at 800-525-9600 for more direct mail marketing ideas.


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