5 Reasons it’s NOT “Just Another Charger”

We get it. To you, it’s not JUST a phone. And, admittedly, we couldn’t agree more. As much as we hate to say it out loud, we live and die by our devices, and just seeing the battery power creep down from 20% to 10% to — gasp! — 1% is enough to leave us breathy and anxious, looking for an outlet, a charger and a few minutes of solace to power up properly. Because, when we’re on the road, pounding the pavement or, simply, trying to balance work, life and everything in between, a minute without a smartphone is a minute too many.

Qi-wireless-chargerThat said — drumroll please — we’re excited to share our latest Product of the Month, a sleek, chic, go-anywhere, do-anything Air Wireless QI Charger.

Now before you say, “I’m good — already have a charger…” READ ON. Because, as you’ll discover from your very first wireless charge, this isn’t your mama’s phone charger. Today’s wireless chargers are as innovative as they are intuitive, with the portability, usability and versatility smartphone aficionados like you and me demand and deserve. And besides that…

#1. They’re cool — and cool counts

Ready for a fun fact? Wireless charging technology has existed for more than a century, thanks to electricity guru Nikola Tesla. That said, the proliferation of smartphone and tablet technology has breathed new life into the technology, with an added “wow” factor that’s attracting countless users. So how does it actually work? Very simply, phones magnetically connect to the custom wireless charging pad — specifically, to an AC-powered plate that houses a transmitter coil.

Once connected to the wireless charging pad, the receiver coil within your phone syncs with the transmitter coil in the charger, creating a magnetic field and generating a voltage. That voltage juices up your phone fast (and, we’d argue, magically) so you can get back to business.

Compare that to charging the typical “plug-it-in-and-charge-it-up” approach, and it’s easy to see why these chargers win out on the cool factor front. And, let’s face it, that’s reason enough to consider new technology.

#2. They’re harder to lose…

While our Air Wireless QI Charger is more in-demand than ever, it’s far from the ubiquitous white iPhone® charger you see, literally, everywhere. The good news? No one is accidentally swiping your wireless charging pad without a second thought. Sure, everyone will want to, but, unless your friends are total sticky fingers, your charger won’t walk off anytime soon.

#3. They’re way more one-size-fits-all

Forget your charger and be prepared to utter, “thanks, but I have a Galaxy…” for the rest of the day. Even two iPhones might not be able to use the same charger (thanks, Apple!).

With a wireless charging pad, though, you can fully embrace egalitarian charging, offering up your charger to anyone with an iPhone 8, iPhone X and virtually any Samsung® phone. And if your friend or colleague has something else? As long as they have the right adapter, they can charge up too, on you. Think about that from a corporate gifting perspective — you can hand these chargers out like allergy-free Halloween candy without having to worry about who’s using what device.

#4. It’s a natural convo-starter (and starts convos about you)

Because they’re cool, sleek and work with just about any smartphone, people will want to ask you about your wireless charging pad. From a marketing perspective, that matters — brand yours and the conversation organically shifts from, “what a cool charger” to “what a clever business,” all while your smartphone is powering up. Start handing these out to your top clients and partners and know those same convos are happening in cubicles, corner offices and conference rooms even when you aren’t there to start things up — B-O-N-U-S!

#5. It’s a go-anywhere solution

Again, we’re back to the cool factor. These wireless charging pads aren’t just functional, they’re designed to fit anywhere. Place one in your home office, another on your nightstand, one in your waiting area and another next to the couch — and even one in the bathroom. The more chargers, the more charging potential, the more family/friend/employee/visitor satisfaction and the more natural opportunities to talk shop, all thanks to this small-but-mighty device.

The one thing we don’t 💗

If we had to give our only thumbs-down on these charging pads it’s that we have to remove our smartphone’s case or PopSocket® before charging. Yes, we’ll file that under “good problems to have” but, at the same time, we cringe a little every time we have to remove the add-ons. All in all, though, it’s a very small price to pay for seamless, simplified charging. In short, we’re sold. And if you or your clients are all about your smartphones, no doubt you’ll be, too.




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