Calendars Are SO Last Century – AS IF!

updated May 17, 2019

Don’t be “clueless” when it comes to calendars… Believe it or not, promotional calendars are still going strong in 2019. Sure, there’s an app for that, but even in this digital age consumers like having a physical calendar of some sort. And it makes sense when you think about it… You could pick up your smartphone, open the calendar app, click on the day, and see what’s scheduled OR you could simply glance at a printed calendar.

That’s not to say that digital calendars and shared calendar apps don’t have a place in our lives, but there’s no reason they can’t mesh well together. Just because we are blessed with all of this technology doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the “old school” stuff too.

Phat Stats

The average consumer keeps a promotional calendar for about 12 months, making it the longest lasting promotional item. If that doesn’t make you go postal, here are a few more facts about U.S. consumers you might dig:

  • 62% own promotional calendars1
  • 84% find calendars to be important in their daily lives2
  • At their place of business 45% prefer to use a physical calendar2
  • 79% enjoy receiving calendars as complimentary gifts
  • 78% have a printed calendar at work, and over half of those are promotional calendars
  • Over 1/3 of Millennials and Gen Xers use their promotional calendars on a daily basis1

Hello! Give Calendars Some Snaps…

If you still find yourself on the fence about what makes a calendar a classic promotional product, here are the top five reasons people are butt-crazy in love with them:

1) They can be personalized.

When you were a kid, did you always look for those cute keychains or magnets with your name? For the Johns and Janes of the world, it was easy… but for every kid with a unique name or uncommon spelling, it was darn near impossible. Here is where you get to help make up for that!

Not only can promotional calendars be customized with the business’s name and logo, they can also actually be personalized with the recipient’s name – rare spellings and all! It’s perfect for handing out to your employees or as a “thank you” gift to your customers. You can even use them for mailings when you have the addressees’ names. There is something so killer about seeing your own name on stuff… you’ll get mad props.

2) They can be mailed.

Speaking of personalizing your mailing list, calendars always make a great addition to any direct mail campaign. They’re lightweight, and certain kinds can fit easily into a standard envelope.

When you’re considering a calendar for a direct mail piece, calendar magnets are a good place to start. Wallet card calendars and pocket planners are also ideal for your on-the-go consumers. And if you opt for an oversized envelope, a wall calendar is flat and light enough to be a dope choice.

3) They can be multifunctional.

People use calendars to record and remember important events for both work and their personal lives. We can’t be expected to remember it all, so we write it down… birthdays, holidays, appointments, events, sports games, due dates, vacation days, pay days… the list goes on and on.

Promotional calendars can also be used as a simple reference to check dates or jot down phone numbers and reminders of bills due or to-do lists. They can provide color and art, humor or beauty to a bland space either at work or at home. No matter how advanced our technology gets, the multi-functionality of a printed calendar makes it a full-on necessity.

4) They can be interactive.

Augmented reality (AR) is the next big thing in the promotional products industry. And calendars are one of our favorite products to use it with! Products like this spiral-bound calendar include a unique Pixaction technology that allows you to watch the images come to life. How phat is that?! Just download the app, scan the image with your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy the magic.

Other interactive options for promotional calendars include things like a foam puzzle calendar cube and adult coloring book desk calendars. Both of these types of products require the recipient to interact with them, creating a more memorable experience with your brand. Beats sending yourself love letters and flowers and candy to let them know how desired you are.

5) They can be all shapes and sizes.

There is more to calendars than the ever-popular wall calendar! Let your target audience help you determine which type to choose. Here are some of the different kinds to consider:

  • Desk Calendars
  • Magnetic Calendars
  • Novelty & Themed Calendars
  • Planners & Pocket Calendars
  • Wall Calendars
  • Wallet Card Calendars
  • Tear-Off & Stick-Up Calendars

Read more about choosing the best style for your target audience in our buying guide: How to Shop for Promotional Calendars.

The Skinny on Promotional Calendars

Before we wrap this up, here are just a few more fun facts to think about…

Not only do consumers and employees enjoy receiving promotional calendars, but 90% of advertisers feel that they are effective. That’s probably because of the incredible number of impressions you get with promo calendars 850!), leading to an impressive ROI.

Even in this digital age, printed calendars are viewed an average of 227 times each month with people referring to them anywhere from 2-10 times per day. When they are displayed prominently either at work or at home, people passing by will also notice and view your branding.

The average promotional calendar costs around $3, so with that kind of visibility your cost per impression is about three tenths of a cent… for minor ducats!

So next time you’re rollin’ with the homies, totally pause, and remember that a calendar is kind of a Baldwin of promotional products, and duh, they’re like way-famous too.


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