10 Holiday Must-Have Gifts For All Types of Clients

‘Tis the season, everyone. It’s time to douse ourselves with some holiday cheer, chow down on a few (dozen) Christmas cookies and get our merry on. And, of course, it’s time to make that list, check it twice and lock down the perfect holiday gifts for your clients, vendors and partners.

It’s holiday gifting season and, seriously, what could be better? Oh ya – not having to handle the heavy lifting. Enter the list, with the must-haves for every single client whether naughty or nice. Consider it our holiday gift to you. Ho, ho, here you go…

10 Must-Have Holiday Gifts for 2018

#1: For the one who can’t put their phone down

One word: PopSockets. If you haven’t heard of these smartphone add-ons, you’re clearly living under a rock – maybe literally.

These Aluminum PopSockets® affix to the back of any smartphone, making them instantly easier to grip. And when watching Netflix and chilling out the small-but-mighty PopSockets pops out making it a phone stand, turning it into a mini movie theater. Boom.

#2: For the one who likes to get their drink on…

Stemless Stainless Steel Wine TumblerIt’s the holidays so, really, who doesn’t love to enjoy a little wine. Or more…

Whether your client loves a little holiday cheer or imbibes even in the “off-season,” this Stemless Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler  is where it’s at. Not only does this versatile tumbler look cool, it keeps vino at just the right temperature making it a must for warm days, cold days, tailgating and, yes, even that after work get together.

#3: For the one who’s never quite charged up

We admit it: we love our smartphones. We’d love them a little more if we weren’t slaves to our chargers. Seriously – are you not charging yours CONSTANTLY? I mean, please…

Qi-Wireless-ChargerBut back to the gifts. If your client has the same love/hate relationship with their phone that we all do, this gift is sheer perfection. This Qi Wireless Charging Pad/Stand is a game-changer, especially when your clients are no doubt popping off to holiday parties, family fetes, corporate outings and ugly sweater celebrations – AKA where no one seems to have a charger and everyone seems to need one.

While we won’t spoil the magic, to use this charger simply set your phone face-up on the “base” and voila! Charging happens fast leaving your phone fully juiced without the wires and faulty plugs. How’s that for a holiday miracle?

#4:For the one who’s always “wheels up”

Tuscany Coffee Set - LeemanAh, the jet-set set. They’re eternally en route, pounding the pavement and hitting the road to that next big thing. The perfect gift for this road warrior? Literally anything from the Leeman® NYC Tuscany™ Collection – think luggage tags and ballpoint pens and leather journals (oh my!). Mix and match a few faves or zero in on that one gotta-have gift. Either way, you’re going to rock this holiday gifting thing.


#5: For the one who’s always keeping it cool

The tailgate pro. The healthy eater. The craft beer connoisseur. Also, anyone. This Igloo® Marine Snap Down Cooler is, in a word, awesome. Not only does it hold 36 full-sized cans of anything, but it keeps its contents cool, fresh and ready to dig right in to. Pop in a few great snacks and zip this one off to your clients and vendors and get ready for the “thank yous” to roll on in. Trust us, they will.


#6:For the one who could use a little calm, cool and clarity

Triple Insulated Promotional Stainless Steel BottleWater is life – like, for real. We’re basically H2O in human form and that’s why it’s so essential we – and your clients – get our sip on. This Stainless Steel Water Bottle is super cool in every sense of the word and, more importantly, helps make hitting eight glasses a breeze. And once they’re sipping like total pros? The benefits abound from clearer skin to less bloat to better mental clarity.  So, really, it’s like you’re giving your clients a spa day in a bottle. Aren’t you thoughtful?


#7: For the one who’s a total baller – or wants to be

There is something about a cool pen that instantly elevates the writer. The second you’ve got that sleek, chic, total baller pen in your hand – our Executive Pen, specifically – you feel like the boss you were born to be. Sign on the line? Yes, please. Initial here? Initial everywhere.

 Seriously, this pen gets. it. Done. Choose from four colors – blue, gunmetal, red, white – or create custom four-packs for your VIPs. With a satin finish, silver accents and even anti-fraud ink, this one – and its users – are 100% destined for the corner office.


#8: For the one who’s always chilly – like, ALWAYS…

Mens-Vorlage-Half-Zip-JacketSeriously, what is it about office thermostats? It’s freezing in the summer and, somehow, still freezing in the winter. If that’s your client’s common complaint – the uber-powerful AC paired with the crazy winter draft – then this is the gift.

Our Elevate Two-Tone Half-Zip Jacket is the perfect office staple, easy to pop on when the air is blasting in August and when the windows are still open in February. Add your branding, pick your colors and this is a constant reminder that you’re always there for them. Sentimental? Sure. But totally on-point? Absolutely.

#9: For THE ONE – as in ANYone…as in, we’d REALLY love to get this ourselves…

In a word, SNACKS. Like, serious, serious snacks. This Gourmet Treats Gift Tote is PACKED with lemon cookies, berry and nut mix, caramel popcorn and nuts, peanut crunch and butter toffee caramels.

Oh, the butter toffee caramels…

When we say we would love someone to send this gift our way, we mean it. Not only are these the best snacks on the block, but they come in a customizable tote. For you, that means primo branding on a bag they’ll use over and over. For the recipient that means an easy getaway when they want to dodge sharing these amazing goodies. Win, win.

#10: For the one who loves to get their cozy on

Yorkshire-Wool-BlanketBaby, it’s COLD outside by the time your holiday gifts reach their destination. So why not give the gift of total cozy? This plaid blanket is all that and then some – it’s HUGE, it’s super soft and it basically screams “winter” (in a good way). Finish it off with a festive ribbon and personal greeting and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Done and done, folks.






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