4 Things Expert Corporate Gifters Know & Do (AKA Strategies to Help You Gift Like a BOSS)

corporate-gift-strategiesEveryone Loves Gifts. It’s that simple.

You love gifts. Your coworkers love gifts. And, yes, your clients love gifts.

So, what happens to the person who connects those dots and knocks gift-giving out of the park?

Love! Respect! Adoration! Call backs! Meetings confirmed! SALES MADE!

Sure, we’re oversimplifying but, at the same time, corporate gift giving is one of the best ways to build relationships with your oh-so-important clients. They get the gift. They get the warm and fuzzies. Your email dings with an effusive thank you note. And, now, you have a jumping off point for that next convo and, of course, conversion. Win, win, WIN.

But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are tons of reasons to gift your clients and tons of reasons not to wait until the holidays roll around to get your gift on. Think about it…

4 Simple strategies for maximizing your corporate gifting

1. Everyone loves surprises

What could be better than an unexpected package landing on your desk? Pretty much nothing. During the holidays we’re inundated with candy tins and promotional pens and overpriced bottles of Merlot. But literally every other month of the year? Radio silence on the gifting front.

That’s the time to pounce. Break through that non-existent clutter and get your gift to the top of the equally non-existent pile. John Ruhlin, who literally wrote the book on gifting – Giftology – approves this approach. ’The holiday season is ironically the least effective time to give a gift, he explains. “If you take the time to appreciate your clients when they least expect it, you’ll stand out.

Be that off-season gifter. Be that stand out. Make your corporate gift work harder. Then bask in the glow of your clients’ unbridled adoration.

2. It’s Grounds for a Thank You Call…

That postcard? It’s already got a one-way ticket to the trash. Same with the letter, the brochure and, even, the big, beautiful catalog you spent time, talents and, yes, maybe a few tears putting together. But a great gift? That’s grounds for an email or call, at the least. Because, let’s face it, if you get this awesome Tremblant Knit Jacket in the mail, you’ve got to reach out. You just set yourself up for some talk time that you may not have gotten, otherwise.

To maximize the good will, opt for a cool, usable gift like the knit jacket or this Igloo Cooler Tote. You want to choose something that’s a little more sizable so a) it’s not missed in the mail pile and b) it feels like a bigger investment (with a high perceived value) – an investment that warrants a “thanks.” It’s Gift Science 101, really.

3. Consistency is the name of the game

The holidays are a tough time to gift because you’re competing with everyone else. Beyond that, end-of-year gifting can feel like a one-and-done – you dump the bottle of Scotch, the branded notebooks or the Uber Eats gift card and disappear for the next 11½ months. Not ideal.

In corporate gifting, consistency is the name of the game. No, you don’t have to spend a fortune and, no, you don’t have to drop gifts in the mail 24/7/365. But you DO need to create a consistent, cohesive corporate gifting strategy that shows your clients you’re thinking of them beyond just the holidays.

To get started, come up with your “anchor” gift – this Faux Leather Power Bank charger, for example – that, again, is more sizable and “feels” . It’s also a great choice because it will stay front-and-center – who doesn’t charge their phone constantly, right?

From there, layer in less costly gifts that still pack a punch – gifts you can pop in the mail throughout the year to mark the random occasion, seasonal happening or, simply, to say, “I’m thinking about you.”

(Stumped for something? This popular LED Ballpoint Pen & Stylus is a good go-to, and works on paper and touchscreens – bonus!)

4. It’s all about ME (meaning them)

This final step is a critical piece in the corporate gifting puzzle: make it about your customer. Think about them and their day-to-day. And, more importantly think about them and what would make their life even the tiniest bit easier.

Then pounce.

Promotional-Tech-JournalA perfect example? A Stainless Steel Tumbler. Really, who doesn’t love this gift? It’s perfect for the AM cup of coffee or tea and it’s perfect for announcing to the world that you DON’T use tons of disposable cups in the name of hydration. Send it with a bag of gourmet coffee and a pithy note about slogging through the morning commute and you’re in business.

Another good one? This Tech Journal. Whether they use it for meeting notes, grocery lists or to work on the great American novel, this journal is good to go. And, because you’re the one who gifted it, so are you.

Boom. Nailed another corporate gifting campaign.

Looking for more ideas? This wireless charger is all the hype this year (since one is needed in almost every room).


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