5 Ways Your Company Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Soon you’ll start to notice pink ribbons and pink products alongside the Halloween décor everywhere you go, and that is a beautiful thing! The American Cancer Society estimates that over 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year. Early detection is key. That’s why awareness is so vital.

As a promotional products company we are all about raising awareness… awareness for your brand, awareness for a cause, events, products, openings… the list goes on and on. So we know a thing or two about how your business can support breast cancer awareness month. Here are a few ideas:

1) Share Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Share that power with your employees, customers and clients. Hand out informational materials with facts and stats about breast cancer to help raise awareness for the disease itself.

Educate people about the importance of early detection and to how to perform a self-exam in addition to encouraging regular mammograms. You can put together a list of places that offer free or low-cost mammograms in your area for those without health insurance.

How do you get the information out there? That’s easy… distribute materials at awareness events or as part of a health and wellness program at your place of business. Another great way to share this knowledge is through social media. Post information on your social media accounts and use hashtags for breast cancer awareness to really get the word out.

2) Donate to Breast Cancer Research

There is no known cure for cancer. But there are many diseases that had no cure for a long time… until finally they did. Because of science and research. Hopefully with enough information and research into how this cancer works, one day we will be able to add it to the list of diseases cured by modern medicine. Until then, we just keep doing what we can to fuel the research.

Anything you can do to raise money for breast cancer research is admirable no matter how small. You can host a fundraiser yourself or participate in an awareness event where people sponsor you or donate to your team. Throughout the entire month of October there are countless breast cancer awareness walks and other events with this purpose.

Some businesses offer a “pay to dress down” day during BCA Month. It’s exactly how it sounds… employees pay by making a small donation to breast cancer research, and in exchange they can come to work in casual dress for the day. It’s a great way to boost office morale too.

Another way to raise money is to donate a portion of your proceeds. Some companies do it as a percentage of the order while others choose a dollar amount to donate per order. Your company may also choose to collect donations from employees. Whatever your businesses can afford to do helps the cause.

3) Distribute Giveaways

Breast cancer awareness items are a great way to get the message out. They offer something tangible that can help people to remember where and why they were received. Giveaways can be anything from an inexpensive ribbon sticker or awareness bracelet to a high-end sweatshirt or gift set.

You can give items to your employees as well as your customers. Small items are perfect for a free gift with purchase. If you’re participating in an event, consider setting up a table with your giveaways. The other participants will be grateful for your gift as well as your shared passion to help raise awareness. Stuck on what to hand out? We’ve got a few ideas for powerhouse products everyone will love.

4) Get Your Pink On

Pink is the official color of breast cancer awareness. If you can’t afford to fundraise or don’t have time to participate in events, simply wearing pink is enough to show your support. Incentivize your staff to get their pink on throughout the month of October. If the NFL can do it, anyone can do it!

Change out as many everyday objects and clothing items for pink ones throughout the month. Your pink will help remind others that it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and they’ll be compelled to do what they can to help raise awareness too.

5) Volunteer

It might be hard for your entire organization to volunteer unless you are hosting the event yourself, but that shouldn’t stop you from encouraging your staff and volunteering yourself. Survivors may volunteer to be mentors or run a support group for those in the fight against breast cancer.

You can also offer incentives to your employees to volunteer at events like Making Strides Against Breast Cancer ®. Volunteers may help with planning or manning the booths at the events. Many walks and runs are in need of people to hand out water to the participants. Encourage your team to help in any way they can. Your company can choose to donate goods or services to a breast cancer awareness event as well.

Check out our buying guide for more ideas on how to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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