How Reusable Straws Will Save the World

Poor plastic straws… They’ve gotten a bad rap recently. Well, ok, they kind of deserve it, but one thing we can all be thankful for is this dialog that has opened up all thanks to straws! Will switching to reusable straws alone save the world? No. But it’s a gateway to the bigger picture.

Once you start thinking about the damage done by single-use plastics, the 150 million metric tons of plastic in our oceans, you start questioning your choices. No one wants to be responsible for suffering sea turtles with plastic straws stuck up their nostrils. And so we try to make better choices to reduce our use of plastics.

Starting with (you guessed it)… reusable straws!

Plastic Straw Alternatives for Restaurants

While the average consumer may purchase plastic straws on occasion, the biggest culprit by far is the restaurant industry. Waiters and waitresses often stick those little suckers in every drink. And then they bring refills! Well, what if there were a better way?

We don’t expect restaurants to do away with bendable plastic straws altogether because some customers may actually need such an instrument, but if servers simply don’t offer them unless asked, that alone could make a huge difference. And if restaurants were to offer an alternative to the everyday plastic straw? Even better!

Here are just a few ideas for alternatives to plastic straws:

Glass StrawsGlass Straws

Reusable and dishwasher safe, glass straws can be an inexpensive alternative to plastic straws. Glass is easy to recycle, but even the sturdiest straw made of glass may give you pause. Safety can be a concern, so it’s important to carefully check the straws for chips in between uses.

Naturally Degradable StrawsBiodegradable Straws

These straws may be made from a variety of materials such as paper, bamboo, straw and even seaweed. Some are reusable while others are compostable. And the seaweed one is actually edible! But all of them are biodegradable, which means they will break down naturally over time instead of polluting our environment like plastic.

Metal StrawsMotivators Reusable Straws

Like glass straws, metal straws are an investment upfront but will prove cheaper than plastic over time because they can be cleaned and reused. Plus you can choose between straight and bent, long and short. Dishwasher safe, sturdy, and even recyclable, these straws suck a little less than your average restaurant straw.

Promote Your Business with Reusable Straws

Just because you don’t own a restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t help put a stop to those suckers. Save the world and promote your business at the same time.

We all know we need to protect our oceans and our planet, but sometimes actually being the change you want to see is more challenging than we care to admit. Sometimes it’s hard. And sometimes the hard prevents us from doing good.

What’s great about using metal straws for your branding is that you take away the hard part. They don’t want to drink straight from the glass… they want to cut down on pollution… they don’t want to shell out the money… they are torn. Your very wanted and appreciated gift is the answer they’ve been waiting for. And they’ll remember it every time they use their beautiful reusable straw with your business name and logo elegantly engraved.Motivators Reusable Straws

This particular product is available in a set of four stainless steel straws with a variety or color options to match your branding. It comes equipped with a cleaning brush and some nice add-on options such as silicone tips and packaging options including poly bag, jute bag or natural gift box.

Will these four straws be enough to save the world? Not a chance. But it’s not about the straws themselves; it’s about what the straw debate has snowballed into. And (albeit slowly) we will all begin to make changes. As business owners, we will become more aware of the plastic in our packaging. As consumers we will think twice before grabbing those plastic bags… And it’s all thanks to the straw.

So suck it up, and join the strawvolution (just wait… it’ll catch on)!


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