5 Reasons You’ll Nail It With a Nuckees

Nuckees™ are the Pringles® of the promotional world. Seriously – once you pop, you can’t stop. And this season we have zero intention of stopping.

So, what’s the magic of these perfectly poppable smartphone accessories? They are, hands down, the ultimate holiday must-have and, naturally, our December Product of the Month.

That said, we know Nuckees look pretty basic. But don’t judge a book, right? Right – because hidden in this simple plastic disc is the ultimate seasonal sidekick. No joke. This little disc does it all, from helping you tie the perfect bow to taking that all-important Christmas morning selfie. Seriously, once you get a Nuckees it’s game on – and here’s why…

#1. Because that gift’s not wrapping itself

Pop out your Nuckees, angle it in and, instantly, you’ve got a personal viewing screen ideal for all those YouTube how-tos, including how to wrap gifts like a boss. Granted, your Nuckees won’t offer that all-important finger to keep bows in check mid-tie but, at the same time, it will ensure you can scroll through countless videos, tutorials and how-to-tie walkthroughs without missing a beat. We’ll take it.

#2. Because the same goes for that Christmas Eve dinner…

Raise your hand if you’ve never doused your iPhone® screen in sauce, frosting, gravy or some other wet and gooey cooking creation. Anyone? No one? Bueller?


While following recipes on a smartphone is super simple, leave them flat and you’ll be constantly craning to see the screen. Try to prop them up and it’s likely no better – we’ve had a phone literally tumble into a pie. Not good.

Just like Gift Wrapping 101, Nuckees keep your phone propped up and in-check for your entire cooking, baking, frosting and table-setting sessions – no (sticky) hands required.

#3. Because your kids are angels (or so your fellow travelers will think)

Flying high for the holidays? Turn your phone into a portable entertainment station, perfectly sized for planes, trains and automobiles. Plug in some headphones and your kids are ready for action – and by that we mean totally silent and totally engaged with whatever movie, show or game you’ve got on tap.

The best part? Not only will they be calm, cool and collected for your trip, but you’ll avoid little fingers attacking your screen – by popping up your Nuckees, the screen will be easy to view, even for multiple viewers.

#4. Because, admit it, you love a selfie

Unless you’ve got Hulk hands, taking a selfie, especially with the newer, even more gigantic phones, is a challenge. Not so with a Nuckees. Simply pop it out, grip the back and SMILE. With that quick “pop” you’ll get Insta-worthy pics, and, no doubt, your entire crew will thank you for making them look oh-so-good.

#5. Because you didn’t budget for a new smartphone…

It’s possible you blew your entire holiday shopping budget back in November – but no worries! The main perk of Nuckees is the grip feature – in other words, that you can pop it out and, suddenly, your phone is super easy to grip. As you’re dashing from ugly sweater party to cookie swap to last-minute mall runs they will no doubt come in handy, and will no doubt keep your phone from meeting an untimely demise at the worst possible time of year.

Jayme gives us an up-close look:

Need another reason to add Nuckees to your wish list? Get in touch and let’s design a custom Nuckees order for your business, just in time to stuff those stockings.




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