3 Puffy Picks for Winter

There’s something about big, puffy, comfy gear-the minute the temperature drops, we’re all about wrapping ourselves in it from head to toe and hunkering down until spring. It’s kind of like our adult cocoon – we’re safe, we’re warm and we’re ready to binge watch Friends. Really, what could be better?

But that’s just the tip of the proverbial (but oh-so-seasonally-appropriate) iceberg. Even our more motivated, slope-hitting selves are all about the puff. Again, a whole lotta warm in a trendy, chic package? Sign us up.

It’s clear, then, why January’s Product of the Month had to pack some serious puff – and that’s exactly what this three-piece collection does. Here’s what we’re loving and what you need to customize this month.

Our Puffy Collection

#1. Insulated Drawstring Backpack

Talk about packing a serious punch, people. This quilted drawstring backpack just feels cool. But not in a cold way. We’ve got enough of that, thank you very much…

Inspired by our fave puffer coats, this cinch bag holds a ton, effortlessly, making it an ideal go-to for winter weekend getaways or, simply, to tote your winter boots to and from the office. Because let’s face it, if the accumulation isn’t there, we want those things off yesterday.

#2. Insulated Tote Bag

Did someone say après ski? Oh no? Well, don’t mind if we do – because this quilted custom tote bag is perfect for packing up snacks, hot drinks or, even, a little something to warm us up post-slopes. With a super sleek shape and durable straps, this tote will ensure you have everything you need to recharge and refuel after your latest run – or not. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

#3. Insulated Koozies®

Just because it’s ice cold outside doesn’t mean your drink is – I’m looking at you, Janice-Who’s-Always-Cold and the root cause of the now over-the-top indoor office heating. The solution? Besides giving Janice serious side-eye and keeping an extra sweater on-hand, start keeping a few cozy koozies in your drawer to ensure your iced coffees and hot teas stay that way.

Whether you opt for one or decide to brand the entire trio, these puffy pieces are where it’s at this winter. Get in touch to learn more and to puff up your brand – and your promotional order – this winter.





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