PhoneBrella: The Ultimate Promotional Bluetooth Item. Here’s Why….

We’ve all been there—it’s raining, you’re running between meetings and, in the midst of a full-on downpour, your phone rings. You need to take the call—what if it impacts where you’re heading right now? The problem? For starters, there’s nowhere dry to “pull over” and answer your phone. Try to grab it now and you’ll have to deal with the umbrella/bag/phone balancing act—one that usually ends in a something (or someone…) getting soaked.

Enter the PhoneBrella, February’s Product of the Month—and a must before April showers come rolling in.Motivators PhoneBrella

What is a PhoneBrella?

A PhoneBrella packs a serious punch. Not only is it a full coverage umbrella with a 46” arc, but it easily collapses to just over 13” for complete portability. With an auto open and close button, it’s easy to pop this one out of your bag, briefcase or car and, single-handedly, shield yourself from the rain. But that’s just the beginning.

While on its own a custom promotional umbrella would be a win among your customers, but the Phonebrella takes things a step further and solves that ringing-phone-in-the-rain problem once and for all. Once your Phone-Brella is open, it’s ready to receive calls—literally.

With Bluetooth® technology and both a microphone and speaker built into the umbrella’s handle, all you have to do to take that call is click a large button right above the open/close feature. There’s no need to pick up—or even find your phone, and no need to miss a beat looking for a dryer locale. Simply press the PhoneBrella button and you’re connected to your call or, even, your favorite music playlist.

If that weren’t cool enough, consider this: the PhoneBrella can sync with the RainAlertz app (at an additional charge) to identify a high chance of rain in your local forecast and remind you to pack an umbrella—ideally, your PhoneBrella. No more unexpected rainy days, and no more soak sessions while trying to take a call—it’s the ultimate win/win.

Why is a PhoneBrella a Must-Have Bluetooth Accessory?

Again, we’ve all been there—either without an umbrella or soaked trying to answer an incoming call while balancing that umbrella and everything else we haul around. With this Product of the Month, you’ll not only stay dry, but always have a hand free—and when you’re on the move, that’s priceless.

It’s also incredibly high value in certain all-too-common situations. If you’re in the golf business—or, simply, have clients and partners who love hitting the greens—the PhoneBrella is a perfect branded premium. When it pours, they’re protected—and can connect with the clubhouse to book a table for lunch. And if it’s a just light sprinkles they can keep playing through, always accessible should work call.

Golfers aren’t the only prime target for these PhoneBrellas. Avid travelers are constantly tossing their phones in a bag and hopping into and out of cars, cabs and trains. When it rings, it’s tough enough to stop and dig it up—now imagine if it’s pouring? Even people who walk to work or have a solid walk from the parking lot to their office building could benefit—often there’s nowhere good to stop where you can stay dry and take a call. In those cases, PhoneBrella flexes its Bluetooth muscles in a big way, showing off its unparalleled value—and positioning your brand in the best possible light.

Branding the Ultimate Bluetooth Essential

Every time your customers pop up their PhoneBrella, your brand will be front-and-center—every golf partner, every fellow commuter, every client and every business associate. That’s powerful. And given options for printing on both the 9” x 5” and 8” x 5” panels, you can truly get your brand message out there, and drive massive exposure from the first rainy day on.

Beyond that, this is a chat-worthy item—people want to show off the Bluetooth features and demonstrate how they answer their phones through an umbrella. Each time they do, you’re building that positive brand association—you’re the one who connected them with this innovative, intuitive and incredibly useful must-have. You’re clearly someone worth doing business with.

Equally powerful is the positive reinforcement everytime your customer takes a call. Not only will they be able to take the call or stream music without exposing their phone to the elements, but they’ll be able to keep moving and keep pushing forward without missing a beat. For any “go, go, go” audience, that’s essential, and you’ll be the one they think of each time they click to answer.

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