How to Tap into Promo Trends for a Marketing Boost

When it comes to trends, it’s not just the fashion world that should stand up and take notice. Every business out there can benefit from keeping up on the latest and greatest promo trends. Between the two leading industry experts – Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) and Promotional Products Association International – we’re finding some pretty clear trends for 2019 that you should take full advantage of to boost your marketing efforts this year.

While it’s always important to know your audience and account for what appeals to your specific niche, there are some general rules to follow for the vast majority of promotional products:

Make it recognizable. Make it useful. Make it beautiful. Make it TRENDY.

Top 4 Promo Trends of 2019


apple paper journalOne of the biggest promo trends we are seeing this year is sustainability in eco-friendly products. This is not a new concept, but rather one that improves with age. Some of our favorite products include these natural, organic and sustainable notebooks made from apple paper. Apple paper? Yes… apple paper… organic paper made from apple peels that have been ground and emulsified. This ground-breaking technique is beautiful, affordable, and appeals (no pun intended) to the eco-conscious consumer.

bags made from recycled water bottlesAnd if you can’t eliminate waste, repurpose it! Parkland bags are a great example of how consumers crave a solution to our plastic problem. They’re made from 12 recycled water bottles. Because plastics can only be recycled a few times, creating bags from recycled plastic is actually pretty genius. It ensures the life of the item and puts it to good use. Plus it makes for one darn durable bag.


retail-inspired snacksEverything from apparel to food is taking a page out of the retail book in look and feel. Popular items are more recognizable, so it makes sense for one of this year’s promo trends to be heading that way. Choosing name-brand apparel and products is one way to accomplish this type of recognition, and retail-inspired design is another. For example, these snacks are very similar to ones found at Trader Joe’s.


This rising trend has promotional products earning more than just a quick glance. Eye-catching designs and materials are hot right now. This goes beyond your typical metallic shine and straight into a whole new world of glamour… with iridescents. Iridescent items don’t only shimmer, they actually catch the light and send it bouncing back to the onlooker. A stunning display sure to make a lasting impression.


wireless headphones on wireless chargerThis is one of those trends that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With younger generations emerging in the buying market, it’s no wonder that technology continues to rise in popularity. Preferences may change over time, but the general promo trend of high-tech items like wireless and bluetooth products is growing each year. Here is the epitome of wireless tech… wireless headphones charging on a wireless charger!

Giving Back

Dan Nevins, Basecamp with Kim Laffer, Motivators
Kim Laffer, Director of Marketing Communications, with Dan Nevins, Brand Ambassador for BaseCamp

Sometimes what you don’t do says as much about your brand as what you do do. The trend we are seeing among promo suppliers as well as retail and service businesses is marketing for a cause and giving back to the community. The Basecamp brand, for example, donates a portion of its proceeds to an organization for wounded Veterans called the Warrior Spirit Retreat.

Your business can follow this trend not only by donating a portion of the sale price to an organization of your choice, but through other ideas such as donating a product for every one purchased or even through simple social advocacy. There are many ways your company can give back, and that in itself can serve your marketing (and your soul) well.

For more 2019 promo trends, check out our first look at the ASI show in Orlando earlier this month, and get in touch to plan your next event.

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