Red Hot Promos to Raise Awareness in 2019

Straight from the floor at the ASI Show® Orlando

Winter may just be getting started, but these trending products are so hot right now, they’ll keep your campaign running right into spring.

When it comes to raising awareness about an event, cause or product, we’ve learned there are a few ways to go about it. And we saw all of them at the ASI Show in Orlando this week.

Coveted Commodities

Simply put… give the people what they want! “But how do I know what my customers want,” you ask. That’s where we come in. Here are just a few of the hot and trending, wildly popular items that are sure to appeal to most everyone:

Technology Accessories

Virtually everyone can appreciate accessories to help us with the ever-growing presence of technology in our lives. It’s all about portability in 2019. Wireless chargers, wireless headphones, wireless speakers… you get the idea. Anything that keeps us connected to the technology we so crave – without physically connecting us – is sure to be a tech promos

Shiny Objects

Forget matte, dull or boring textures… metallics are back and better than ever. Who knows, maybe it’s our fascination with selfies and our own reflections, but polished surfaces are IN in a big way. Everything from water bottles to lip balm is glorious and gleaming with a shine to attract any passerby. Smooth and lustrous, metal is hot, hot, hot this metallic promos

Practical Gadgets & Problem Solvers

Who doesn’t love a cute, little gadget? The trick is choosing the ones that won’t suffer any love loss after the initial novelty wears off. Mop Topper’s new line of webcam covers is just what you need to keep them interested. They solve a real problem while also adding a little extra functionality and fun, which is what a practical gadget is all about. The silicone ice ball maker is another popular item this year that any liquor connoisseur will useful promo gadgets

Event Enhancements

Anything that will make the event even more enjoyable is a huge plus. These types of items can be used at the time and long afterwords for a lasting impression. If you’re serving drinks, offer a branded reusable straw that they can drink from while at your fundraiser or product launch.

Many stadium and concert venues prohibit the use of backpacks unless they are clear for safety reasons. Giving a clear backpack offers an easy and useful place to store event materials as well as a future purpose.

Event on the beach? A sand cupholder will keep drinks propped up and mess-free while this unique water bottle will keep them hydrated with a special hidden gem – wireless headphones – for a winning combination of convenience.

These bluetooth sunglasses feature a built-in speaker for subtle listening – perfect for a walk, run or day on the golf course. And the case offers a large, full-color imprint event promos

Built-in Billboards

Make your promos work even harder for you… One way to stretch your reach even further is to hand out items that turn into your own personal, traveling billboards.

Apparel has always been a popular category, but now more than ever you can raise awareness with car magnets. People love these bumper-sticker-like items that won’t damage their vehicles.

These types of items work well for organizations with a message that recipients will also feel passionately about like specific causes and team spirit.apparel and car magnets

Love what you see here? Shop our website or contact us for fresh, new items. And don’t forget to check back later this month for more sizzling trends from the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas!


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