April’s Product of the Month is the Ultimate Instagram Star

Premium water bottles are hot – and this tumbler tops the list

Move over Kim K – Instagram has a new superstar: high-end water bottles! With brands such as S’well® booming in popularity, premium water bottles are suddenly the accessory of the moment, always in arm’s reach of the fitterati and other on-trend A-listers and millennial tastemakers. They are, in short, the “it” accessory, as trendy as they are functional – and as in-demand as ever.

Our Stainless Steel Vaccuum Tumbler with Straw

Why We ♡ Premium Water Bottles

We admit it – we’re all-in on this trend. Not only are high-end water bottles durable and designed to go the distance, they serve a serious function – it’s tough to get your H2O in every day, and having a chic, sleek water bottle on-hand 24/7 is a great way to boost hydration.

What’s more, because you aren’t filling and tossing a paper or plastic cup each time you fill up, these bottles are A+ ways to save the environment without the high cost or heavy lifting, while still ensuring every sip is cool and refreshing. It’s a win, win, win.

But that is just the beginning. Again, premium water bottles have launched into the social media celebrity-sphere. S’well’s Instagram is the epitome of cool, confidence and decidedly aspirational. Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor is so frequently seen with her blinged-out pink bottle, that it earned its own feed. Even a quick search for #waterbottle turns up more than 514,000 posts. It’s clear that we’re in a water bottle moment – and it’s clear this is the right pick for April.

Spotlight on April’s Must-Have Premium

So what makes this go-anywhere, do-anything Stainless Vacuum Tumbler so essential? Simply, it checks all the boxes when it comes to picking the perfect premium water bottle. Form? Check. This tumbler is available in five colors including a super fun and super on-trend teal. It has solid space for branding so you can ensure recipients and everyone they encounter – in the real world or their Instagram feed – “hears” your message loud and clear.

Then, of course, there’s the function of April’s Product of the Month. This 20-ounce tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a powder coated finish and dual wall vacuum seal construction. And, with a flip-top lid and straw, it’s super sippable, even when you’re on the go. Check and check.

To us, this one’s the best of the bunch, combining premium branding real estate with the benefits of an insulated bottle and sleekness of stainless steel. Best of all, this tumbler is currently on sale and starts at just $7.99 per piece for runs of 1,000+. Get in touch to learn more and to get your order in motion.


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