The New “It” Tech Accessory: Wireless Earbuds

They’re the new “it” tech accessory, driven through the roof by Apple’s® super sleek AirPods®. They’re portable. They’re powerful. And, it seems, everyone has them – or, more specifically, everyone wants them. They’re wireless Bluetooth® earbuds and, this month, they’re our Product of the Month.

Cue the applause – and, yes, these earbuds deserve them. Not only do they have the look, feel and usability of AirPods, but they’re a fraction of the price. Better still, a little birdy told us these wireless earbuds actually fit more comfortably than some of the competitors. They’re slightly larger to cater to all audiences when they care to rock out. And, when they do, they’ll think of YOU thanks to can’t-miss-it branding emblazoned on the charging case.

That, is just the beginning of our love affair with these promotional wireless earbuds. Once inside their branded case, they charge up fast and last for up to 90 minutes of music, podcasts or chit-chat – whatever floats your proverbial boat. Just wait for the LED indicators to flash a bright blue and you’re ready for action, all without those frayed, tangled charging cords – you know the ones. They’re plugged into your computer right now and work about 20% of time.

Powered up, these wireless earbuds go the distance. They have a full 33’ Bluetooth working range so you can stream music or other content even if your phone isn’t right there. Same for calls – because, really, who wants to carry their smartphone around every second? Bueller? Bueller? Exactly.

That’s also a win because, let’s face it, ports are going the way of the Dodo and the celebrity editor. Bluetooth is the future and it’s your job as a smart, relied-on business to keep your customers and partners in-the-know. These wireless earbuds do that perfectly. But, beyond that, you know they want them – you know you want them, too. So why not do you both a favor and get your order in and get these earbuds out.

Watch Laurie, our Senior Brand Manager, give you an up-close look:

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