Be Cool Like Starbucks… 5 Color-Changing Products to Rock Your Brand

Back in the 1970s, mood rings were all the rage. This gave way to other products, including promotional products, that would change color when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. But over the years this trend has come and gone, peaking again in the 90s. Well, get ready to surf the color-changing wave once more!

Starbucks recently released color-changing reusable cups, and they are so hot, they’re already selling out. The wildly popular cups have set this wave in motion yet again.

While we always strive to keep up on the latest trends, the promotional products industry as a whole is sometimes just a half-step behind retail. But not this time! Trends may come and go, but when it comes to “mood” items, we’re so here for it.mood changing trend

We have a huge selection of color-changing promotional products for you to take advantage of. We’re happy to see retail catching up to us for a change!

Trends play hard and sleep hard… so ride this wave while it’s hot for some hardcore brand exposure before it fizzles back out. Check out some of our color-changing favorites to rock your brand and be cool like Starbucks:

Top 5 Promotional Mood Products

1) Tumblers
color-changing tumblersRival Starbucks with this custom color-changing reusable cup! Our 16 oz mood tumbler features double-wall construction to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Choose from a variety of colors to complement your brand. Made in the USA and BPA-free, this eco-friendly tumbler can not only help you save the planet but also save your customers money on their daily coffee. Starbucks, along with many other coffee shops, offers a discount on your coffee order when you bring your own reusable cup – ANY reusable cup – so best make it a trendy custom color-changing cup!

2) Strawsmood straws
Made from heavy-duty plastic, reusable mood straws put single-use plastic straws to shame. Not only are they way better for the environment, but also super cool. Enjoy as the icy-cold liquid passes through the straw, changing its color from yellow to green, pink to purple, frosted to red, frosted to blue, or blue to purple. Promotional mood straws are a smart move for any restaurant, bar or beverage business.

3) Eraserscolor-changing erasers
Nothing makes back-to-school time more exciting when you’re a kid than getting funky erasers. These addictive and fun mood erasers are just what your business needs to take advantage of the color-changing trend with both kids and their parents. This high-quality, American-made, rubber eraser actually changes color from the heat in your hand. Choose from blue, green, orange and purple. With its large imprint area and cheerful appeal, this eraser is sure to turn some heads.

4) Pencilsmood pencils
Perhaps even more thrilling than the eraser, this color-changing pencil will be the last pencil your customers will ever want. They start out looking like simple black wood pencils until the heat from your hand changes the color to blue, green, orange, pink, red or yellow! The act of writing helps your brain commit notes to memory, so what better way to encourage writing than with these engaging mood pencils?

5) Phone Walletscolor-changing phone wallet
Smartphone wallets are incredibly convenient for holding your credit cards, license and cash on the go. The options in this category can be overwhelming, but what’s interesting about this one is it changes color with the heat of your hand, making a unique impression. Another fun feature is the “kick stand,” which acts as a phone stand as well as a phone grip giving you more stability as you text, talk or take pictures. It’s small, lightweight and flat, making it great for promotional mailings.

Color-changing cups and drinkware are huge in the world of promotional products, but they are not the only options for making a statement with this rocking “new” trend. Check out our entire collection of promotional mood products to find the perfect promo to ride this wave with, and make your brand as cool as Starbucks!

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